Whether you’re just turning 16 years old or you’re about to retire, taking your G1 written examination can be a crucial thing.  Your score will determine whether or not you will be allowed to begin driving.  It can also be nerve-racking for the person because it plays such a crucial role in their ability to drive; however, with the right knowledge and skills, anybody can walk into the testing room almost sure that they will pass the test.  Listed below are a few tips to help you get through the test with an exceptionally passing score; follow them and you will surely end up successful. 

Study, Study, And Study More!

So many people have a strong belief that they can simply walk into the testing room wPass Your Driving Test Audio CDCredit: Amazon.comithout ever having glanced at the study guide and pass the test.  This is a great method if you want to write the test 10 times and hope that luck allows you to pass once.  However, you want to rely on your knowledge rather than chance to help you pass this test.  I recommend picking a date at least 3 weeks in the future to do your test.  After booking the test you should immediately begin reading through the study guide for a general overview on the most basic sections.  This 3 week time period should give you more than enough time to study the information so that you are not left cramming for the test during the late hours of the night prior.  I recommend reading the entire study guide 3 times within that 3 week time period: the first time should be a general reading of the overview of the information, the second time should be a more specific reading with more focus on the specific sections that you are unfamiliar with, and the third time should be the most specific reading focusing on individual rules and signs that you are unfamiliar with. 

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

You could have acquired all of the knowledge in the study guide, but without the proper amount of sleep, your brain will not be able to retrieve the knowledge effectively.  You may have known the answer to the exact question during the previous night; however, with a lack of sleep your brain may not be able to remember it.  I recommend sleeping at least 8 hours during the night prior to writing the test; this will allow your body and brain to be fully rested, and fully able to remember absolutely everything that you have spent your precious time studying.  Taking a lookPass Your Theory And Practical Driving Tests BookCredit: Amazon.com on Amazon will yield the lowest prices on books with driving tips that will help you to pass your G1.

Take Your Time

They give you more than enough time to write the test, so use as much of it as you may need.  I know that you may probably be eager to finish it and see your results; however, taking your time to think about your answers definitely pays off.  You should also take the time when you are about to write the test to relax your body and brain.  Most people enter the test room and immediately start answering the questions in a rush because they fear that they will quickly forget what they have studied; if you studied as much as you should have, the knowledge will be there for months to come. 

Take Advantage Of Your Short Term MemoryThe Little Book Of Tips For Driving TestsCredit: Amazon.com

Your brain has the ability to remember what it has just read for about 20 minutes or so.  You can easily take advantage of this fact if you use your time wisely.  I recommend reading over any rules or signs that you are unfamiliar with immediately before entering the testing room.  By doing this you will remember the familiar facts through your long term memory, as well as the unfamiliar facts through your short term memory; this translates to remembering nearly everything. 

By using these above tips you will surely earn the best mark that you possibly can on the written test.  Even better, this knowledge will follow you past the test, and assist you in getting your G2, and G class licences.  Use the above information to write your G1 test and I’m sure that you will be driving in no time!