How can you be successful if you're, by most measures unremarkable? I am not a millionaire, not famous (or infamous), not specifically talented, definately not a genius, and I'm not a creative entrepreneur or a great innovator. I'm currently unemployed, have been divorced and my current relationship is not going too well, and I'm approaching 50. Furthermore, I've never had a passion for anything, and some would say I wasted any raw talent I had.

I’ve probably made my life sound a little bleak, as though I’m not particularly happy, but that’s not true. I’ve done lots of things most people probably will never do, I’ve surfed in Oz, travelled widely, skied all over Europe, ski seasoned in Whistler, taught myself to play the guitar, sold photographic artwork, lived and worked in another country, have a degree in Computer Science, found time to have a beautiful daughter, built up a small property portfolio and invested time and money into a small internet startup.

Deep down I knew there wasn't anything I couldn't do, but had never really been driven in one direction by any one overidding passion! For a long time I felt that this my curse. I couldn't find my one true calling, the thing I had to discover that would complete my life and finally fire my passion. I had so much raw talent in everything I tried. I could run, jump, swim, paint, sing, play, with the best of them. I was intelligent, but never appeared to have the focus or mindset to persevere with anything long term, when I’d achieved a certain level I became bored, unexcited, turned off. I just didn’t have the commitment of an Olympian, which brought me to conclude, that I wasn't able to be the best I could be. I chastised myself for feeling this way, it was my fault I had no passion, I was flawed, I took all the blame and rode guilt.

EUREKA! It has taken me 48 years to realise that it is never going to happen because I'd been following my true passion for all of my life, it had been with me all of the time. I wasn't bored, I wasn't unexcited, I just wanted to move on and try something else, that was my passion, doing and trying lots of different things. Momentum was my passion, I wanted to keep moving on, the excitement of a new road, a new project a new skill, book, picture, whatever. I still run, jump, draw, play, swim but there has never been any singular passion element for me in undertaking these activities. I can think of nothing worse than concentrating on one skill, task event or project. You will definately not be seeing me in Rio Olympics 2016.

One persons passion is anothers obsession. Life is just a matter of perspective, so take your own not other peoples. In conclusion, we are already succesful in our own life, but not necessarily in other peoples. It's up to you to decide if you accept that success and your perspective of yourself, is the only one that counts.

Eureka! Success

Crosby Man