We all have a certain amount of passion I think, for something, someone and in some way. It could be that we do not recognize it.  However, I believe if we put our passion to work in our lives, the right way of course, we become more successful at what we are trying to do in our lives.


The meaning in itself is both positive and negative, not always a good thing, so to do it right we must check our passions to make sure they are positive so that we can grow into the person we are meant to be.


Sometimes the Stairs are Steep

We all have stairs to climb in our attempt to handle our passion in the right manner.

Passion is considered: a strong emotion, adoration, love, and strong interest.


Strong emotions: Anger is one of those and it is of course, negative if it is not controlled. If we have the strong emotion of anger, it is going to present the negative which we do not need within our life. Controlling anger is probably one of the hardest emotions we need a cure for. It causes us to say things which we are sorry for later. It sometimes produces actions that we, ourselves do not like. Anger is like hate, it can destroy whomever it is that possesses it.


"Anger is the most impotent of passions. It affects nothing it touches and hurts the one who is possessed by it more than the one against whom it is directed". "Unknown"


"For every minute you are "angry,"  you lose 60 seconds of happiness." "Unknown"


It has been said that Anger is a negative experience so closely related to pain and depression that it can be hard to know where one of these experiences ends and another begins. Emotions play a huge role in the experience of our pain, our disappointments, and our failures and pain is associated with depression. I did not know this until now, but I have learned that psychic pain of depression feeds anger. However, anger also fuels depression.


Anger can sometimes feel good, but only for that moment, you know like when someone cuts you off in traffic and you shake your finger at him or her. Anger is anything but inconspicuous.


Often anger can motivate you. When you have a disappointment and somebody at work got the credit for your idea; it can motivate you buckle up, and work harder than ever. However,  it can also motivate you to pass it on to others in a negative sense. Someone has made you mad, so you make someone else mad. By lashing out at the kids when you go home or the clerk at the grocery store. Humans will be human, and we have all experienced this at one time or the other.


One of the first things to do about "Anger," is to recognize it and that can be hard to admit to ourselves. We live in a world where it is actually a taboo and sometimes it is hard to recognize, for instance one feels the physical discomfort, but do not know how to call it.


Here are some pointers for controlling Anger:


Signal: It is a signal of something wrong. It is not something to just say, this will go away, it doesn't happen often, we feel it was justified.  This can be a deeper threat to you, if you allow it.

Deficiency: outburst of anger does not give you positive purpose. If you are aware, that it has a negative purpose and is motivated by a deficiency of something. Looking within ourselves to see if something is hurting us, or someone has hurt us is the right approach to resolve the anger issue. It could be time to let it go.

An example of this can be you are trying to make right a wrong someone has done to you, so you have a wish to rectify.  You did not necessarily do anything, but think about it and play it sometimes in your mind. I have been there and done that, it is human but it does not make right the wrong, and is only hurting you. It is then we must give up the obsession about the wrong that was done and move on.

There is an old saying that I am sure you have heard; "what goes around, comes around." You may not see it but it will happen, one day, one way or the other. No one gets by in this life with hurting, framing, cheating, or lying to other people.

This was quoted in another articles, life is sometimes unfair and a Psychologist quoted this. Life is not perfect but to live peacefully in this unfair life, we must work without emotions to give us some delight in what we are doing. God help us all!!!


Distress: it is another passion word. Sometimes we are distressed over the dog having the hiccups. We worry our self to death that is a terminal disease. Corky has a heart condition and sometimes I can let myself worry about the day he dies.

We get distressed about not being able to be perfect. Perfectionism; no one is perfect, so forget it, we make our life miserable trying to be perfect. This perfection can include things such as the house, the job, the perfect mother, the perfect homemaker, the perfect stepmother/stepfather, the perfect wardrobe, and so on.

Some people are just more organized that others. They are calm about what they do and they get more done because they are calm. One of the reasons some people seem to manage life so well is; they know that you cannot be perfect so you do the best possible. That does not mean we are uncare about how we are visualized by others



Positive Passion


Adoration-Love:  affection, admiration, esteem, appreciate are a few words which gives us some meanings.


Often our adoration turns into love and sometimes love turns into a love that is; love me or die. That is not healthy love. However, we all adore someone or something. When we love with all of our heart it can sometimes give us pain. Love sometimes hurts. I think we have all hurt at one time or the other from loving someone or something too much. Most of the time if it is a healthy love, it brings us pleasure, joy and fulfillment.


A lot of people love their job. They are successful because they spend a lot of valuable time expressing their love for their job by working harder, more hours and strive for excellence, nothing else is acceptable. So they make more money, have a title and feel good about themselves.

A Drive: Strong interest is also a drive. For instance, the person who loves their job has a drive to perform with enthusiasm and is goal oriented getting the job completed with zest.

Devotion: adherence to something. Dedication: we are devoted and dedicated to making our family life enjoyable and comfortable. We work so they have the proper and necessary elements to make life good. We are dedicated to preparing our family meals in an enjoyable fashion and with food that they love. We do not dare serve something they hate to eat. We have learned, that it  is a waste. We devote and dedicated to making sure our older parents are happy and stress free because they have given us so many blessing through the years and taught us our values.

I sincerely believe that we must search within our lives to find the positive and drop the negative and in so doing we will create comfort, happiness, health, peace and success.