Passionate Definition

What does Passion Mean?

Have you found your passion in life yet?  I wanted to ask you this question because finding your passion is one of the most profound things you can achieve in your entire life span here on Earth.

Your passion is something greater than you.  It's more than your likes and dislikes.  Much greater than your failures or successes.  Your desire to discover your passion was placed there by something or someone much Bigger than who you are.  I believe we were all destined in life to find our own unique passion.  Our passion in life is ignited by life's experiences, our time alone, and by others.  How can we find this passion?  We can find the Passion deep within our hearts.  It's that one thing or different things that sets the fire burning in our souls and sends us flying away.  Our passion is not about selfishness but about selflessness.  This doesn't mean that we don't love ourselves or that we continuously put the needs of others before our own.  I don't believe that one can truly and happily abide in their lifes passion without self love.  I am simply saying that our passion in some way will most likely be related to helping others.  Lending a helping hand to one that is in need.  Because of your perspective, your outlook on life and love, someone, somewhere is forever changed for the better. 

This is the Power behind one's passion: CHANGE

You have the ability to change someone's lifestyle or perspective because you dare to dedicate something to the Earth that no one else can create.  You are unique, there is only one you, and only you can provide this planet with what you were meant to provide it.

People find passion many different ways.  Your passion is that one thing that when you do it, you feel joy, fulfillment, and a sense that someone else is benefiting from that which you have contributed.  Some people find it by spending that much needed time alone.  They find it in th midst of prayer, meditation, or even in the night during their dreams.  Some find it while doing something random that isn't related whatsoever to what their passion is.  It can come to you at any time.  The key is: Seek and you will Find; Knock and the Door will Be Opened to You.  "When a student arrives, the teacher is always found".

If you would like to began operating within your passion begin to ask and you will receive.  Then you have to step out fearlessly and carry out that which you are meant to accomplish.

Passion by Definition: A Powerful Emotion, Ardent Love, Strong Desire, The Object of such love or desire, Boundless Enthusiasm

Passion Quotes

Some Great Quotes about Passion

"Above All, Be True to Yourself, and if You Cannot put Your Heart in it, take Yourself out of it."


"Follow Your Heart, But be Quiet for a While First. Ask Questions, then FEEL the Answer.  Learn to Trust Your Heart."


"Nothing Great in the World has Ever Been Accomplished Without Passion". (Hebbel)


"The Way You Get Meaning into Your Life is to Devote Yourself to Loving Others, Devote Yourself to Your Community Around You, and Devote Yourself to Something that Gives Your Purpose and Meaning". (Mitch Albom)


"The more Intensly We Feel about an Idea or Goal, the more assuredly the Idea, buried deep in our subconscious, will direct us along the path to its fulfillment." (Earl Nightingale)