Passive income is a form of income. The definition of passive income is: "Income derived from business investments in which the individual is not actively involved"[4521]

This means that passive income is income that someone makes,were they are not actively creating meaning if you earn royalties on a something that you created a long time ago, you are making passive income, also if you invested in a project and now it is earning income for you, that income is passive.

On the internet, there are many ways to make passive income.  One can make passive income by starting a website, inventing something, even writing articles, can lead to passive income. In this article I am going to show you how to make passive income




Infobarrel is a great place to make passive income. On Infobarrel members are able to post articles and get a percentage of the ad revenues that those articles create. By writing articles, you can earn passive income with the site. It is very easy to do and best of all it is free. All you need is an Infobarrel account. Infobarrel, is a great site and in my opinion better then sites like Hubpages. Infobarrel has a great community, and writing articles on Infobarrel is easy and fun. When you publish an article on the site you earn 75% of the ad revenue which is far higher than Hubpages or even Squiddo.



Quirky is one of the best sites on the internet. On Quirky, you can invent and help invent products. The site allows you to submit an invention and even influence other inventions. When you join Quirky and influence inventions, you can earn a percentage of the revenue that those inventions generate. Here is an example of how this works. I influenced a product on Quirky called Click n Cook.  Click n Cook is a spatula storage tool for your kitchen where you can store and use spatulas. On Quirky I influenced the design of the product by voting on the a design. Then I was awarded influence points, which means I earn money when Quirky sells this product. By influencing the product, I could potentially earn money for the rest of my life on this one item. This shows the power of Quirky. By helping to and inventing a product, you could earn royalties for life!



Webanswers is a question and answering site. On the site one can ask and answer questions, and get paid to do it. By asking/answering questions, you get a portion of the Ad revenue that the question produces. By answering a lot of questions, you could also earn passive income.  Webanswers is set up like a forum and is very easy to use.




Making a blogger blog, is a great way to earn passive income, by making a blog and then posting content on it, you can make a stream of passive income. When deciding which blog to make, try to pick a niche topic. This meaning, try to pick a topic that is not very competitive. Something like dirt bikes, or orchids are good.  Once you have a topic, you should try to make lot's of posts. These are important, because people are going to your website to read. After you make your sites and add posts to it, you are ready to make money, simply monetize it using Google Adsense and you will start to earn money.