There are many ways to earn passive income, this method being Blogs. Whether or not blogs actually generate passive income is highly debated, however I will classify them as passive. The reason that I say this is that it earns money for you regardless of when you are working on it (it is not active income). However, you do have to do work on promotion and content generation. Blogs are a type of term passive income, where you get paid at the end of the month from ads and other monetization methods.

            A blog is simply a website where you post articles on a regular basis. These articles could be about anything, your life, business, or restaurants, you decide! The most important thing about blogs is content. If people don’t receive valuable information when coming to your blog, why would they come at all? The most successful blogs often start off as purely content, with no monetization at all. A rule I try to go by is to think about my audience before myself. Sure, I may be able to do something to improve my income, and I have the option to do it. In almost every situation though, I find it is better to cater to my viewers first.

BLog MOney

Monetization of Blogs

The most common way of generating passive income with blogs is advertising. If you don’t know what advertising is, it is when 3rd parties put a square of text/image on your site promoting their product. You may immediately write off this idea because you think it would be difficult to get people to advertise on your blog, it being new and with virtually no visitors. However, through a program called Google AdSense, you can put ads on your site, regardless of if they want them there or not. With any advertising, you either get paid per view, or per click on the ad. With AdSense, it is more often per click. AdSense generates a decent income, however direct contact advertising usually pays more.

The second way of earning money from your Blog is called “affiliate linking.” This method can be quite profitable, and for some bloggers, can make north of $40,000 per month. You read that right, month. Obviously, this can be a great way to make money on your blog, as long as you do it right. Affiliate links need to be related to your content, and you need to have some experience with the product. Also, it helps to have authority in your niche, if people see it worked for you; they assume it will work for them too. Affiliate links are described in detail in the eBooks article.

Another way to monetize blogs, though it is not passive, is to sell your site to a one-time buyer. This buyer then improves it, and generates his own passive income from ads or affiliate links. If your blog grows enough, it could even be worth 6 figures! I do not suggest growing your blog for the sole purpose of this due to the fact that you poured hours of work into it, and may not get a fair price.

How to Market Your Blog

Now that you have your nice blog up and running (if you don’t, check out my “How to Create a Blog Article”), it is finally time to start making some real cash. To get cash, you must have clicks on your ads. To get clicks on your ads, you need to have more people. Therefore “traffic= cash.” Obviously, we need traffic, but how?

The obvious answer to this question is advertising. This is the act of paying to have an ad placed on other people’s websites or through some other medium that the public sees. This method is quite affective, as long as your blog provides content that people want to read. Again, the downside is that you have to pay to have your blogs advertised in most places.

There is such a thing as free advertising though. When using this method, people usually see your blog’s URL, plus a short one sentence description of what your blog is. This can go in email signatures, a business card, forum signatures, and even social networking profile pages. If you are lucky, this will generate much “word of mouth” advertising for your site, generating traffic. Also, if your friends like the site, perhaps they will repost about it to all of their friends, generating a chain of traffic.

In my opinion, the best way to get traffic is to optimize your site for search engines. Appear at the top of the list for as many keywords as you can. Everyone who uses search engines clicks the first link, and only about 40% of those people click the second. As you can see, it is imperative to be first. My advice to rank first in search engines is to

a)    Provide quality content that people want to read

b)    Make sure the keyword you want to rank for appears in headings and major places.

c)    Perform other SEO strategies (search for them in Google)

If you do this, you can pull in thousands of visitors from Google and other search engines every day.

            Or, the best way, combine all of the strategies! The more ways you can advertise your blog, the more people it will reach, therefore the most traffic possible, therefore the most money possible. It will also help remind people who may have forgotten about your blog that it does exist, and that the URL is Unfortunately, marketing is the most difficult part of making blogs (at least for me!). However, using all of these tactics, you can bring traffic to your blog, without all of the headache and testing I had my first time around.

I hope you enjoyed this article about blogs, and are now ready to go and generate passive income with one! Please visit my article, “What is Passive income” to see other types of passive income. If you would like to learn how to create a blog, please visit my article, “How to Create a Blog.”