Online passive income is a reality. A lot of people are earning healthy livings online in passive income that doesn't require much work from them anymore. They choose their own hours and can take a whole week off and still have money coming in regardless. In this article, I'll reveal what I believe is the number 1 best way to start your online passive income journey and I'll explain why.

I don't know if you have ever heard of but it's by far one of the best blogs on the internet about earning passive income online. On there, Pat Flynn(the owner of that blog) encourages their readers to start their passive income online journey by writing articles for a revenue sharing website. The revenue sharing website he recommends above all else is Infobarrel(the site you're on right now). Before I get into why you should follow his advice and sign up with Infobarrel and start writing on here, I'll tell you how. In my signature box on this page, you'll see I am linking 2 two ways you can sign up with Infobarrel. First, you can click on the generic link or second, you can click on my referral link. Whether you choose option one or option two doesn't really make a difference for you, but I will earn a little extra if you sign up under me. And I'd be honored to have you register with Infobarrel under my referral link.

Now, let's move into why you should sign up with Infobarrel. First, I'll discuss what Pat Flynn's reasoning is in why you should sign up... then, I'll move on to my reasoning as to why you should sign up today. Pat Flynn believes that if you sign up for a revenue sharing website like Infobarrel, it will allow you to start your online marketing journey because you will be forced to learn about all things internet marketing like content creation, keyword research, search engine optimization and more. I would agree entirely. It's a great way to learn how to practice all these skills. Plus, you could earn a healthy penny through writing here. And remember it's passive income and it's just a start. The highest earner I personally know on this site earned over $2000 last month in passive income. What that means is that even if you were to no longer invest any time at all into his Infobarrel articles, he would continue to earn thousands of dollars a month from here for months, for years, for decades, or for however long Infobarrel is still in business.

The best part of signing up with Infobarrel is that it's free. That's why it's such an awesome way to start your online marketing career. Business online is risky and you shouldn't have to risk any money when you're a newbie and still don't know exactly what you're doing. Forget about investing in a domain name, hosting, autoresponder and all that stuff... just sign up for free with Infobarrel and start writing on here.

There are more benefits to writing for Infobarrel. It's a great way to get into affiliate marketing and all kinds of other subsets of internet marketing. It allows you to develop all kinds of internet marketing skills without investing any money upfront.

I've been with Infobarrel for less than a year and I've learned so much already. The people on here are really really friendly and ready to help anyone new with their questions. I've made great connections on here.

Imagine what you could do with an extra couple of hundred dollars a month in passive income or even an extra couple of thousand dollars in extra residual income.

I want to remind you that I believe you should be using Infobarrel as a platform to launch your internet marketing career. It's not the end all be all solution but it will get you started on the right path. Once you have a little money coming in every single month, it's a lot easier to afford the start up costs of running a bigger online business like an affiliate niche site.

Again, if you want to sign up, just check out my signature box where I explain how to do so.

Now once you have signed up, my first piece of advice would be to study the Earning Reports and overall strategy of a user on here called jcmayer777. He's one of the best writers on here in terms of the amount of money he makes and he's super cool too. You can learn so much from him alone but don't limit yourself to his writing. Study all the greats on here and learn their strategy to making money on Infobarrel. Go to the forum and start reading the different threads and soon enough you'll learn who is who in the Infobarrel community and you'll be able to figure out whose advice you should listen to.

A lot of the successful writers on here have written great articles with all kinds of tips and tricks on how to earn more money on here. They talk about most if not all the skills you need for a successful career online. Things like keyword research, search engine optimization, content creation, affiliate marketing, etc...

Now, I want to make a small disclaimer at this stage. I'm not making any guarantees when it comes to Infobarrel. You won't get rich overnight on here and you'll only get as much out of this as you're willing to put into this. If you write 2 articles and stop there, don't expect to make a lot of money. It's all about how hard you work and also how smart you work.

You basically have 2 options while writing on here. Either you write about whatever you want whenever you want, which can make you a couple of hundred dollars a month down the road in passive income OR you write about what people want to read by doing proper keyword research from the get go and in this way you could make a LOT more money down the road in passive residual income.

Thanks for reading.

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