Ways to earn passive income on the web

There are many opportunities out there to generate passive income, the possibilities are growing rapidly as the internet and economy grows. Passive income is certainly a goal for many, so what kind of opportunities are there to earn some kind of passive income?


If you’re a freelancer, and have some set of skills or abilities, then selling stock work is a great opportunity to generate passive income. Stock work can be anything ranging from photos to web designs or even music. It doesn’t normally generate large amounts of income, but it’s certainly better than nothing, it helps to submit stock work to various different websites for maximized potential earnings. Best not get confused between selling stock work and selling stocks. They are two completely different things even though they can both be forms of passive income.


Another opportunity for generating passive income is selling subscriptions to your website, this could be to access a premium section of your website where free content is offered, this is probably the simplest form of passive income there is, as you are passively earning each month.  It is important to continue releasing new content to this area of your website though, as you want your subscribers to stay subscribed, which they’re only going to do if they have access to new exclusive information or content.


Opportunities for receiving passive income on the internet are limitless, be original. You can sell eBooks, music, games, images, the list goes on. It is extremely important to do something that you love doing, or have a great interested in as it’s very hard to keep up with something that doesn’t capture your interest. When I was younger, I tried writing a blog about earning money online, yet I wasn’t even earning money online. I just thought many people would want to know how to make money online, and they do. But how was I supposed to write about it when it wasn’t working for me? It’s important that you know what you’re writing about when producing blog content or articles, otherwise it’ll eventually catch up on you.


It’s certainly possible to earn passive income without owning a website. If you’re a good writer, then many websites will pay you revenue for submitting articles (although this is really only good if your articles get lots of views) and like I mentioned before, stock work is great. There are many websites that will sell your product for you, they normally just ask for a small amount of commission in return. Many companies look for stock work as a cheap alternative to expensive professional work, if you’re work is above par, then you’ve got a great chance of succeeding in this area. Owning a website can also be a great hassle, so if you can generate passive income without one, then consider yourself lucky. Another way to earn money without a website is too do freelance work, although this does start to draw away from the whole idea of ‘passive income’ it’s certainly achievable and worth a try if you have the right skills. On the other hand if websites fascinate you, but you don’t want to keep creating them every week. Then consider looking into being a webmaster. Many large companies look for people to keep control of their websites, maintain them and keep everything in working order. This isn’t entirely passive income, although most of the time there is little work to do.


Moving on from online passive income opportunities, there are many ways to earn a sufficient passive income without going near a computer. Rental properties are great for those who have a spare property or a couple of spare bedrooms in their house. Renting is a fairly easy process also and as long as the person paying the rent is reliable then it’s a consistent money earner and can also be favoured by the economy. Some work is required such as maintaining the location, and keeping it in fit living condition (though the person renting should keep it clean). Expanding on the idea of renting, if you own some form of building, then consider yourself lucky. A lot of company owners are looking for lease opportunities in this day and age due to the strengthening prices of various buildings. So if you have been thinking about a building or property that you own, think again, advertise a lease opportunity for it and you may get more out of it than you expected!


Bank term deposits are a great form of passive income also; they normally require a sum of initial money due to the fact that they almost always have a minimum deposit. Term/time deposits certainly aren’t massive passive income earners unless you have plenty of money; this is due to the fact that they have low returns. The best thing about term deposits is that they are relatively safe and encourage you to save your money, saving is a very valuable skill to possess, especially leading when leading into retirement years. You’re going to want to have a form of passive income, whether it’s interest on savings or not, an initial amount saved prior if going to help.


Another relatively safe opportunity for passive income is investing in Government Bonds. Government bonds are normally advertised as risk-free due to the fact that the government can simply raise taxes etc. in order to pay off the debt received from bonds. They don’t offer very high interest rates compared to stock or share markets but are good for someone who has a decent amount of savings lying around.


One of the more risky opportunities available to generate passive income is investing in start-up businesses. This requires a generous amount of knowledge on how businesses function and the chances of them succeeding. It also requires a good judgement, as well as accepting that you can’t always win. This does require a fair amount of initial money but can reap great benefits. All you simply need to do is find people that are looking to start up a business, and offer them some amount of investment money into their project in return for shares later on. If the business is successful, it can be an opportunity for incredible potential passive income; I’ll give you an example. John wants to start up a shop selling and fixing computers, he has $50,000 but needs another $50,000 in order to start up his business. Gary invests $50,000 into John’s project and they both agree on Gary receiving 50% of the shares. 5 years later Gary owns $200,000 worth of shares due to John’s business expanding; he sells those shares and makes 4 times his initial investment. This is, of course a simple example, and in reality it’s not as easy as it seems. But it’s certainly do-able.


Buying shares in companies is also a great way to generate passive income. Sure, you have to check up on what’s happening in the company and economy, but it doesn’t require much work at all. There is some amount of risk involved of course, although everyone knows that taking risks can lead to great benefits, and it’s true. You’re always going to get higher rewards when taking part in the higher-risk option.


These are just some of the opportunities available for generating passive income. Remember to always look around for different ways, research is the key. Whether it’s selling stock photography to investing in the foreign exchange, make sure you like doing it. Like I said earlier, if you’re not interested, it won’t work. Passive income takes initial hard work and perseverance, so don’t look at it as an easy way out. Make sure you have a goal in mind; maybe it’s to earn $500 monthly. Once you’ve reached that, increase it to $1000 monthly etc. Just remember to make your goals achievable, and you’ll succeed.