How to make money online with Infobarrel

Online money-making opportunity

Hubpages and eHow? Of course, you have heard about these sites – that is if you have been loitering around cyberspace for quite some time. Perhaps, you’ve been trying to find ways on how to earn passive income online. Hubpages and eHow are two of the top advertising revenue-sharingwebsites online which primarily derive their earnings through Google Adsense.

These websites contain hundreds of thousands of user-generated content or written articles which are served with Google Adsense ads to the readers who are in need of online information. When these readers click on a particular ad within an article, the writer gets to earn income through Adsense. Writers who have written for these revenue-sharing websites have earned hundreds and thousands of dollars over time while continually publishing articles.

Enter Infobarrel has been creating a lot of noise lately in the online world because you can earn 75% of the Adsense income generated by the articles that you have written. And that’s not it, you can increase this percentage up to 90% by joining Infobarrel’s monthly contest (subject to certain requirements). Hubpages, in particular, only allows you to earn 50% of the Adsense revenue that your articles have generated.

I haven’t really earned much with Infobarrel as yet given the fact that I haven’t published many articles as compared to the other writers. However, many other Infobarrel writers have already made substantial amounts of Google Adsense income. Read Infobarrel’s Success Stories to know more about them.

How do you really earn with Infobarrel?

Well, as they say, there are many ways to skin a cat. Some of the successful InfoBarrel writers do keyword research first before writing their articles. By doing keyword research, there’s a high probability that your articles will rank higher in search engine results. Of course, you have to learn search engine optimization (SEO) first in order to fully appreciate the advantage of doing keyword research.

If you still don’t know a thing about SEO and keyword research, one thing you can do is to write a lot of articles. You just have to make your articles informative.  Readers will likely share your articles to others if these are interesting and loaded with information.

However, bear in mind that writing for InfoBarrel is  not a get-rich-quick-platform. You can’t earn Adsense income if you just publish one or two articles. You might see your first Adsense income with your first 20 articles, 35 articles, or 50 articles. It will depend on how “search engine optimized” and interesting your articles are. Of course, you have to have your Google Adsense account first before you can start earning with your InfoBarrel articles.