When trying to generate passive income online, you may discover that it can get kind of lonely out there in cyberspace. For this reason, it is so important to seek out support and encouragement for your online writing efforts. For instance, if you are married or involved in a serious relationship, it can be extremely helpful when your spouse or significant other is fully "on board" with your passive income efforts.

Sometimes married couples actually decide to "make a go" of earning passive income online together, as a joint effort. That is, they both open up accounts at one or more of the various online writing andor ad revenue sharing sites (such as Infobarrel.com) and they encourage one another to keep building up their respective article libraries.

Having a writing buddy (such as your spouse/significant other or a friend or a family member) can be enormously beneficial. It's actually quite similar to having a workout buddy or personal trainer, in the sense that you can function as each other's chief writing "cheerleaders."

Not only that, but when one or both of you get discouraged (as is bound to happen at one point or another), you can urge each other to "get back on the horse." An added benefit, when both spouses in a household are active online writers seeking to earn passive income is that the two of you have the opportunity to double (or more than double) your household's collective passive online earnings.

If you do not have a spouse/significant other or friend or family member who is interested in earning passive income online, you may have to look elsewhere to find your passive income support system. Fortunately, you do not have to look very far. Many online writing websites have very active forums or online communities. You can visit these communities/message boards to meet and chat with other people who share your passion for writing online in order to generate passive income.

As you can well imagine, if no one in your "offline" life really "gets" your love for online writing to generate passive income, these forums can feel positively heaven sent. Another similar resource that you may want to investigate are the online message boards for work at home moms and dads, such as WAHM.com and WorkPlaceLikeHome.com.

These work at home online forums are filled with people seeking to find different ways to work from home. Such communities have their share of online writers just like you who are also seeking friends and supporters who truly understand, empathize with and will encourage one another as you all work together toward fulfilling your work at home passive income dreams.