There are many ways to earn passive income, including writing for the web. Writing generates both true and term passive income, however this articles talks primarily about term. The only type of true writing passive income is eBooks, which are detailed in my other article, “Passive Income: eBooks.” In my opinion, writing for the web is a phenomenal method of generating passive income, and there are several good ways to with this income medium.


Different Types of Web Writing

The first, and easiest, way to make money writing on the web is with content management sites. On these sites, you first write 500-1500 word articles for them to post. You then get a percentage of ad revenue from your articles. This means, that whenever someone views your articles, and clicks on an ad, you get some of the money. The good thing about these sites is that they are easy to use and get started with. One of the best things is that you control your income. Depending on what topic you write about, how SEO’d it is, etc., you can control how many people see the article, therefore click the ads. My personal favorite, as evidenced by the URL, is infobarrel. They provide 75, and even up to 90, percent of ad revenue for you from your articles. They also have a great helpful user base that quickly assists you with any problems you may be having. If you wouldn’t mind, please sign up with my affiliate link (click the actual words, “affiliate link”), it won’t hurt you at all.

The second method of making money on the web with writing is freelance writing. Granted it is not passive, it can still generate a decent income. Freelance writing is when you first write articles, then sell them to others, OR when they first pay you to write for them. Neither of these methods should be your primary source of income, as they can only generate about $3000/month max (at least with content management sites, I’ve never tried freelancing). These are more of something to do on the side of other passive income streams, or your 9-5 job.

How to Write High Traffic Articles

When writing for the internet, it can be very beneficial to employ a few tactics that will substantially increase your income and traffic. The first is keyword research. This is when you perform research to see what people are searching for in the major search engines. You then determine whether or not there is a lot of competition. You don’t want to try to target, at least primarily, a keyword more than 3 words long. If you employ this tactic when deciding what to write about, it could multiply your average earnings by 250%!

The next tactic is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is when you make your article more “likable” by search engines, therefore driving more traffic to it. This is extremely important, as the percentage of people who click on the first link is much higher than all of the others, let alone the second page. Also, this will most likely be the biggest stream of traffic for your articles. Remember to keep the flow of the words readable, your first priority is the reader, then yourself.

Link building is the process of getting other websites to put a link to your article in one of their posts. This helps with SEO, as well as traffic. I would even say it is the most important part of SEO. The best way to obtain links to your site is to provide quality content that other people want to link to. Their goal is also to provide value to their readers, so why would they link to something that didn’t? Do not fall for any schemes such as paying for 40,000 links or some such deal. These are regarded by Google as spam, and will end up penalizing your article in the rankings. Also, reciprocal links, you and another site linking to each other, are not as valuable as one-way links. The search engines will not penalize you, but reciprocal links aren’t as good.

Regardless of whether or not you write for the web using content management sites or freelancing, writing will be used in almost any passive income venture that you will partake in. It is involvedin blogs, non-blog sites, eBooks, and obviously content management and freelancing. As you can see, being able to write is an essential skill to generate income from the web. The 3 tactics above will be instrumental in your success generating passive income online, helping especially blogging. 


I hope you enjoyed this article about writing for the web, and are now ready to go and generate passive income with it! Please visit my article, “What is Passive income” to see other types of passive income. If you would like to learn more about other types of passive income where you can apply your writing skills, please look at my articles: Blogs, non-blog sites, and eBooks.