Passive or residual income is a catchphrase growing in fame today that a lot of mentors, gurus and financial experts assert is the key to gaining financial freedom. There are several sources of passive income and some of them are in real estate, stock dividends and interest from savings account. Even if these are all proven to produce passive income, the financial barrier to enter these investments is quite high and not all people have the time required.

An enjoyable yet profitable choice for people who have less source of money to use as investment is passive income through bulk candy. One of the main benefits of passive income is that the time you spent working is not tied with a fixed dollar amount. In having a job that pays you a salary or wage, the amount of money you can make is based only on the number of hours you spent working. In passive income, the money you can earn is not dependent on this time factor and you continue to earn money no matter how much you work.

Even if the passive income you'll earn with bulk candy is not as big as you would earn from real estate rental business, its cost is only a few $100 to get started and this is a good starting point on your journey towards financial freedom.

Try imagining a candy machine doing its work at your office or at a local restaurant or a grocery store. People are inserting their money into it all day while the owner of the machine is not around.

It is also interesting to note and you should be aware of is, that when you think about earning a passive income, you realize that passivity is relative. As a general rule, if an asset is more expensive or more valuable, the more passive income it can generate. When investing with stocks a lot of money is needed but it can give great returns and, although investing in real estate is one of the most secure and stable source of passive income, you often need some big amount of money for a down payment and a decent credit.

The grand thing about pursuing the candy business is its unique position of being both the least expensive yet most passive. This is the reason why a lot of investors are looking to create residual income producing assets and they use them as their "gateway" investment to invest on bigger and more profitable businesses.