Yes, You Can Earn Money Online by Writing for InfoBarrel

On January 13, 2010, I made a decision that would change the course of my life for the next few years.  I decided to join InfoBarrel and write articles about topics I knew...Girl Scouts and how to save money.  

The previous September, my extremely high energy twins entered first grade. Not since their adoption in October 2002 did I have a regular period of time longer than two hours to myself.  I have to admit that during their challenging younger years there were days that I dreamed of this motherhood milestone.

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However, my daydreams in no way came close to the reality I lived.

My husband works in the housing industry, and since 2007, we had seen one pay cut after another.  With each smaller paycheck, we tightened our belts and were grateful that he was still employed, while many of his peers and co-workers were laid off.

In my stay at home mommy dreams, I was spending my days going to the gym, volunteering, and redoing my house room by room, starting with a much needed kitchen makeover.  In my actual life, I was volunteering, but I worked out at home before the sun came up and was clipping coupons at my kitchen table instead of reading home decor magazines.  In January 2010, another pay decrease sent us scrambling on how to cut even more corners.  

We were becoming a circle we had trimmed our edges so much!

The simple answer was for me to find employment outside the home.  I already taught Hebrew School on Sundays and sold stuff on eBay, but we needed more income.

The reality is that I was miserable working full time after I became a mother.  I did it for many years when we only had one child.  Add two more kids to the mix and my disabled mother who needed me, and this Sandwich Generation woman was determined to find a way to earn money while still being at home.

I discovered writing online by accident, and after looking at different sites, I decided to take a chance on InfoBarrel.

In the four years plus since I joined, my decision turned out to be a good one.

How Do I Earn Money on InfoBarrel?

How is this site different from others?

The revenue share is at a minimum, 75% yours, 25% IB's.  You have the power to get up to 90% of the ads if you write 31 points of content, including five articles that are a part of the monthly editorial calendar.  If you write an article from the featured list that is deemed high quality, it will be chosen to be featured on the front page.  I can tell you that I never get tired of seeing my work as I sip my 5:30 am cup of coffee!  

It is no longer necessary to have your own Google Adsense account to make money with Google. You can either use your own or InfoBarrel's account, the choice is yours.  There are two tiers of advertisements, with the second tier being non-Adsense.  Both count towards payout.

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Payout is achieved when you have $50 in earnings, and are paid via Paypal around the 15th of the month.  They do not take any Paypal fees out of your earnings, they absorb that expense themselves.

Earn Money With Amazon

For a while, one of the biggest complaints writers on InfoBarrel had was that we were not getting Amazon sales with the way things were set up on the site.  It simply was not Amazon friendly.

That all changed!

You see, Kevin and Ryan are active administrators who read the emails you send and respond to them, visit the forums and answer questions daily, and always listen to what we writers have to say.  

Before launching the new Amazon modules, it was Beta tested by long term IB members such as myself. (imagine that...testing before trying out something new over the entire site and then trying to fix what is broken!)  I can honestly tell you that my Amazon sales have shot up since adding the modules.  

There is a rule that you must have 200 words per module added, so that prevents any kind of article that appears to be spammy.

I Learned to Earn

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When I got started on my online venture, what I knew about writing online could fill a thimble. Now I know better! If you are a mom who wants to earn some extra cash from home, this book will show you how to do it.

Preapproval-Check Your Ego at the Door

While sites like Seekyt have a three article preapproval process, on InfoBarrel, there is a minimum of ten articles before you can publish without needing approval.

InfoBarrel has very strict Terms of Service that are enforced.  Many writers fail to read them before they begin, and then complain on the IB forum or on other writing sites about how they were denied publication of their article.  Very nasty things have been written by those who have an ego issue, who think that just because they wrote something, a site should be honored to publish it.

But you know what?

The sites I have seen these comments on have been Google slapped silly.  IB has not been hit as hard due to it's internal quality control.

If you receive a denial message on one of your first ten articles, it will take longer for you to attain preapproval status.

Writing on InfoBarrel-A Few More Benefits

Still not convinced that InfoBarrel is a place to write?  Here are some other reasons you should give it a try.

The Community is Outstanding

When I started my online writing journey, I had no idea what SEO was, how to make a link in anchor text, and how to promote my articles.  I posted my questions on the IB forum and got my answers.  I did not need to buy a course telling me what to do, as veteran writers were there to help me out.  I return the favor as often as I can because I remember what it was like to be new to earning passive income online.

In fact, Classicalgeek, an IB old timer, just published a very comprehensive guide for newbies. A lot of time and effort went into this as she give a lot of great information to those just getting started.

Share Your Niche

Do you have a specialized niche that you would like to expand?  Create some new articles on InfoBarrel and link them to your best performing ones on other sites.

No Locking or Deleting of Articles

Those of us who were writing at Squidoo know that we hold our breath every time we go to our dashboard or publish a new lens.  What was good yesterday may not be considered good today. Lenses are locked without fair warning and entire accounts are deleted.  The same is in effect on Hubpages, where articles become unfeatured for lack of traffic (who is actually looking for Christmas tree decorations in August?)

On InfoBarrel, other writers can flag an article that violates the TOS and/or has errors. While Kevin and Ryan have the final say on how to handle these violations, you will not wake up and find your entire library gone. You get a chance to fix the flags and resubmit for approval.  

Please note, your right to publish can be revoked if you continually violate the TOS.

Keyword Density Alerts

Unlike other sites, InfoBarrel has clear keyword density guidelines that appear as you write. No guessing games!  If you go over the limits, your article will go in the queue for approval. This is for all writers, even preapproved ones such as myself.  Because they are reviewed by an actual person, do not be concerned if it goes into the queue because of a minor keyword issue.  The filters are set higher to prevent keyword stuffing, and the admins can see if it is slightly over and still reads fine.

Even in the uncertain world of writing online, this is the place to start your online writing career.

Are ready to join me on InfoBarrel?