Whether you teach in a Jewish preschool, Hebrew School, or you just want to do some fun activities with your kids, there are many Passover crafts for kids that are easy, simple and fun to do.

The following Passover crafts can be adapted to the age level of your students or children. All of these crafts work well with children ages preschool to elementary school.

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Matzah Covers

This Passover craft can be made several different ways. The two things in common each matzah cover craft has is that you will need muslin covers in squares, between 10 “ x 10” and 12” x 12”, and you will need a stencil with the word “matzah” in Hebrew.

Be sure to write the child’s name and the date with permanent marker before beginning any of these crafts.

Matzah Cover #1

This Passover craft can be done in one setting. Give the children Sharpie markers in a variety of colors and have them draw Passover pictures on it. If you have the Hebrew “matzah” stencil, the kids can trace it and color it in.

If you want to do this in two sessions, then the children can paint inside the matzah stencil in one color or a variety of colors and you will need to let it dry before drawing with Sharpie markers.

If the children are young, you may want to do the stenciling in ahead of time for them.

Matzah Cover #2

If you decide to use this version of the matzah cover for your kids’ Passover craft, you will need to use bleeding tissue paper and a squirt bottle full of water. It will also be necessary to have it air dry on a portable dryer or clothes line.

For younger children, you will need to cut up the bleeding tissue paper for this Passover craft. Older children can cut or tear it on their own. Have the children lay out the tissue paper on the muslin square and then squirt the paper until it is saturated. The colors will bleed onto the muslin.

When it is dry, you can use the matzah stencil to spray paint ‘matzah” onto the cover.

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Matzah Cover #3

For older children, this Passover craft will be messy and fun. Instead of using bleeding tissue paper for a tie-dye affect, you can actually tie-dye the muslin. Then spray paint the word "matzah" on the top when dry.

Matzah Cover #4

For preschoolers with small and less nimble fingers, this matzah cover craft for Passover will work well. You will need cardboard that is ribbed (like the back of a coffee cup holder) but in a large size, as well as thick brown crayons.

Lay the muslin on top of the cardboard and with a brown crayon have the child run the crayon back and forth across the muslin. It will have a textured appearance, much like matzah.

Passover Plague Bags

There are many online retailers that sell Passover plague bags for your seder table. You can make your own for the entire family or you can have your children make their own Passover plague bags for this portion of the seder.

For young children, you can simply cut pictures of each plague or a symbol of each plague and have them glue it onto a stick. Place all of them in a white paper bag that they can decorate with stickers or drawings (which is another great Passover craft) easy to findwhen it is named during the seder.

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Make Your Own Seder Plate

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The seder plate in an integral part of the Passover table. The one parents or grandparents use is not meant for little hands to touch. With this design your own seder plate craft, children will not only be able to have their own symbols at the kiddie table, they can touch them without worry. In time, it will be come a family keepsake that one day will appear on their own seder table.

Miriam's Cup

Placing Miriam's cup alongside Elijah's cup is a modern addition to the traditional Passover seder. There would be no Passover story without Miriam, since she is the one who found Moses his adoptive mother and she was able to get Yocheved, Moses' birthmother, to be his wet nurse. She also played a big role during the crossing of the Red Sea.

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To honor Miriam, children can create beautiful cups. You will need the following materials:

Large plastic goblets from the party supply store

Tissue paper

Mod Podge




Foam Brush

Before starting this Passover craft, make sure that each child's name is on the bottom of each plastic goblet. Have the children use the Mod Podge to decorate the goblet. When it is covered, use sequins, rhinestones and beads to finish it off.

Miriam's Tambourine

Miriam played her timbrels as the former Jewish slaves crossed the Red Sea. Another way to honor Miriam, Moses; sister, is with this Passover craft. Your children or students can use two foil pie plates. Fill one pie plate with rice or cereal and place the other on top of it. You can staple or glue it closed. Punch holes in a few places and have the children lace ribbon through the holes and tie them. The outside can be decorated with Jewish stickers.

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Elijah's Cup


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A more traditional Passover craft for kids is making an Elijah's cup. This activity is perfect for younger preschoolers. For this you will need:

Plastic goblet 

Gold spray paint

Large rhinestones


Before doing this craft, write each child's name on the bottom of each cup. An adult will have to spray paint each cup. Pour the rhinestones into a bowl. If you want, you can have the child pick out how many rhinestones he or she wants to have and then have them count out loud. Then have them decorate the cup any way s/he wants-either around the rim or all over the cup.

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Passover Cards

A child of any age can make a beautiful card as a Passover craft. Grandparents or long-distance relatives would love a hand made masterpiece from a younger family member.

You can create this Passover craft many ways. You can just have the child draw the card, or you can use Passover stickers. If you have access to an Ellison machine, you can use the different die cuts to make elegant Passover cards. Older children can write a note on the inside while younger children can just write "Happy Passover" and sign their name. 

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If children love to paint, use this Passover watercolor book to paint images that can be cut out and glued to cards once dry.

With so many wonderful Passover crafts for kids, you can make one or a few to brighten up your seder table.