Many modern gamers are only concerned with what video game is out now, and what video game will come in the future. But a select few of us, who have been playing video games for quite some time now, are aware of the idea that some past titles could be remade into something amazing with the current technology.

Retro video games have a certain quality to it that some really desire to be implemented back into the modern games of today. The retro titles had the ability to instill a great connection between the player and the game. I am sure that there are some Video Game remakes that you wish for, probably. Most titles today are only concerned with giving you the ability to kill anything you see without giving you much of a purpose. Now, I know many of the story lines before were not so intricate and well planned, but it did not task you with menial and ridiculous things. It was a more enjoyable experience, as I remember it, I personally believe. However, games of today, it is mainly the idea of which game has the best graphics, passable game play, and an open world. These elements are essential to creating an open and great game, but not the only ingredients. When people tend to mention the top 10 best games ever made, assuming that they have been gaming since before the PS1, they most likely will not mention many modern games.

I could easily name a list of retro games that were simply amazing, good enough to maybe be considered as the best game ever made. One for example being Final Fantasy 7 that was released way back when on the PlayStation 1. A story line that was pretty basic for a Japanese RPG. Basic, but complex at the same time. It followed the same elements, but had several well made distinctions in the story line. But that is not what makes it one of the best games ever made. One of the main characters die during the game. During the time, in Video Game history, that this happened, it was simply unheard of. This really pushed the envelope, making it known that video games can also have a compelling storyline involving death, tragedy, and laughter at some moments.

I , for one, say that there should be a movement within the video game industry in which retro video games are given a modern remake. The old hit video games released on the weaker consoles were built on weaker technology. With the modern technology, pushing poly's and processing power at an amazing rate, would be able to do some of those retro titles great justice. Also, merely having the title of a popular retro game and making an effort towards bettering it for modern standards would attract the eye of many, many, gamers. Who knows, maybe this notion may be recognized some time in the future.