When looking for pasta makers for sale, there are a few options you need to know before you go shopping. If you are new to the art of making fresh pasta, you are in for a treat.

Many people will argue, "why go to all this trouble when you can buy a package of dried spaghetti for .99 cents?". Well, if you have ever tasted fresh pasta you can taste the difference. The texture is different, everything is different! You can also buy fresh pasta in the cooler section of the grocery store, but you will also notice the price is a lot more than that package of dried noodles.

Even the fresh pasta, that you buy in the specialty section of your grocery store will not taste as fresh as the pasta you make yourself at home with a pasta maker. You will literally make the dough, roll it in a pasta maker, slice it, then throw it in the pot of water, it is that fresh

When looking for pasta makers for sale, you need to now decide two things. Do you want to buy a manual dough maker or an electric one.

manual pasta maker for sale

Manual Pasta Makers for Sale

A manual dough maker, looks like this picture. It literally looks like a double roller that you crank the dough through, almost like those old wringer washing machines!. You start off with a thicker setting and then keep feeding the pasta dough through at smaller settings until you are at the thickness needed to cut your pasta shapes or noodles.

It has a cutter attachment head, and this is when you slice your noodles.

The beauty of a manual one, is that you can attach it to the edge of your counter and it can go anywhere, even to the cottage because it does not need any electricity. If you want to work at the table, there are no cords.

electric pasta maker for sale

Electric Pasta Makers for Sale

An electric pasta maker like the one in the picture. Is just that electric, so with the push of a button, you can feed your dough through. This saves on the cranking, and it is usually done quicker.

The downside to this, is the price is much higher, and not quite as portable. But if you are having lots of company, and you need more pasta and just won't have the time to be feeding pasta dough through manually, then you should consider the electric.

Either one of the above machines are going to give you that great fresh pasta. Both models have cutting heads for creating spaghetti and other shapes. Plus you can adjust for thickness, for what ever style of noodle you want, such as linguine, spaghetti, fettuccini and more.

Homemade pasta is so fresh, that you have to cook it right away or it will dry out. So when you are getting to your last roll, put a pot of water on to boil for your pasta.

When looking for pasta makers for sale, you have a few choice of where to get them.

Pasta Makers For Sale In Person

You can shop in person at specialty kitchen stores, department stores and some wholesale stores, but you are going to see many models and some very expensive ones.


Another good place to buy pasta makers for sale, is online. There are a few choices of online stores to check out and compare prices.

Amazon sells many models of pasta makers, including both electric and manual and all name brands, and affordable shipping quotes, sometimes even free shipping.

Shop dot com, sells all kinds of goods and they carry a line of electric and manual pasta makers, as well as recipe books and attachment heads.

Pasta Makers for Sale on the Manufacturers Site

If you know a particular model you like or are looking for, you can check the manufacturer homepage, some will sell online. The good news about this, is you will see all the other models they carry and the prices. You might find more choice here than in person in a store, as the store may not carry all the different models.

Garage Sales

If you are just starting out, and not sure if you will always want to make fresh pasta, then check out the garage sales for pasta makers for sale. There will always be someone who has bought the latest gadget and not used it in months and then has a clean out and it ends up in the garage sale for a lot less money.

This would be a great way to see if you like to make fresh pasta. If you start using it all the time, you can always upgrade later on. This would be a great way to save money at first. If you purchase any appliance at a garage sale, they should offer you a way to plug it in and check it out to see if it works. The manual one would be easier to see if it has all its parts and works. Just take them home and give them a good clean, and try them out. If you don't like making fresh pasta, then you will not have spent very much.

Even if you shop in person, it doesn't hurt to go online and compare prices to make sure you are getting a good deal. The internet is a great tool for shopping. It lets you, as the consumer become informed and then you know a good deal when you see pasta makers for sale.

When buy pasta makers for sale, especially the electric ones, you need to do some homework to find out the best price, as these can get expensive. You can even check out reviews on the model you like, to see what other people think of it. This way you are making an informed choice.

Once you have found the right pasta maker for sale, and you get it home, you are going to love the act of making pasta, it is amazing what eggs and flour can create. Many models of pasta makers for sale will come with a great pasta maker recipe.

Now, if you have a great recipe for pasta sauce, or your favorite standby bottle of pasta sauce, then you will have a great meal. You will never go back to dried pasta once you have tried fresh pasta. You will be spoilt! So, take a look at those pasta makers for sale, and get started today.