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Do you know what to do or who to turn to when a great idea pops into you head? Do you feel your idea could enhance an already existing product or you have a brand new product idea you feel would become the next big thing. If so, read on to learn what free resources are available before you move forward.

Before you do anything, I suggest you take the time to link up with successful inventors and entrepreneurs who share how they got their product idea to market. There is so much you can do on your own before you spend out of pocket. Free resources, information and guidance is available to you.

Inventor Consulting(51929)

There is a Live Free Internet Weekly Radio Show where wannabe inventors and successful inventors gather together to learn, ask questions, receive advice and guidance. The Live Internet Radio Show hosted by Brian Fried, a successful New York inventor who felt it was necessary to offer a free place for wanna be inventors and entrepreneurs who seek solid information and guidance. Each week Brian has a special guest who share their expertise how they got their product to market.

Got Invention Radio Show

Brian Fried, the host of GotInventionRadio volunteers his time lecturing throughout Long Island public libraries, various school districts, inventors groups, Small Business Administration and other groups on the subject of inventing. Brian is also the founder of the Inventors and Entrepreneur Club of Suffolk County. Since 2007, Brian serves on the Board of Directors for the New York Society of Professional Inventors.

Invention Development

My name is Michelle Cesare an entrepreneur and wannabe inventor. In October 2010, I met Brian at the Inventors and Entrepreneur Club of Suffolk County in Long Island, New York. The meeting was filled with wannabe inventors, successful inventors and patent attorneys who volunteer their time. All the people who came to meeting were there for the same reason, to learn more about the inventor process. Brian took it a step further and took the time to meet with me to discuss my product idea and to offer advice to what I should do next. Because of Brian volunteering his time without asking for anything in return, I now write about Brian Fried to help him reach a wider audience online. I write articles, blogs and create free websites promoting his Live Internet Radio Show, what he does and his websites. I'm an article writer who seeks out new interesting topics to write about and felt writing about inventors, patents, product ideas and people who help other wannabe inventors would be a topic I could write about for a long time to come while helping other wannabe inventors and entrepreneurs not make the same mistakes I've made over the years. I'm here to pass along free helpful resources to help and guide wannabe inventors and entrepreneurs.

If you have a product idea and not sure where to turn to for help, I suggest logging into the Live Internet Weekly Radio Show be your first step to learn what you need to learn before you move forward. Get the answers your searching for from experienced and knowledgeable inventors and entrepreneurs. Reach your goals by following people who have succeeded getting their product idea to market.