If you would like to determine the paternity of one or more of your children, but do not want to go through the court system, home DNA testing kits may be what you are looking for. These home paternity tests are simple to use, and offer total confidentiality for getting your paternity test results.

Follow the Instructions of Your Home DNA Testing Kits

These in home DNA testing kits usually contain easy to read instructions, a packet of 3 swabs to test the mother, child, and potential father, 3 specimen envelopes, the order form, and a postage paid envelope. Each kit can test only one possible father, so if there are multiple persons you wish to include in your home paternity tests, you can usually call and receive additional specimen swabs.

Follow the steps completely and read through all the instructions and fill out the forms completely and accurately. This is important when matching the right swab to the right individual in the home paternity tests. The most important step is getting the specimen collection correctly.

How to Get Accurate Paternity Test Results

These tests are not saliva tests. You MUST get cheek cells. To do this properly, begin by opening the swab packet and remove only one swab at a time. Scrape the swab on the inside of your mouth between the cheek and gums and around the inside of the lips. For each swab in the packet, you will repeat this for each person you wish you test. You should also be sure that you have waited at least an hour after you have had anything to eat or drink for the most accurate paternity test results.

Once you have finished taking the samples, place the swabs into the available envelopes and not back into the original plastic containers. With the swabs inside the properly labeled envelope, you will then seal the envelope and get the swabs ready to send to the lab. You can either send them through FEDEX, UPS, or through another courier for faster service.

When Will You Receive the Paternity Test Results

The paternity test results should be available to you in 3 to 5 business days after the lab receives the samples, the order form and payment for services. Some sites on the internet will give you a password that will allow you to retrieve the paternity test results online.

How to Read Your Paternity Test Results

The paternity test results is usually a table with some incomprehensible data. This is called a DNA profile. DNA is what makes each person unique. It determines, for example, if you have blue eyes and your friend has brown eyes. An individual will have DNA from both their biological parents. So what this table does is to compare the fathers DNA to the child's DNA.

At the bottom of the table, you will usually see a term called 'Combined Parentage Index' or 'CPI'. This CPI must be over 100 to prove paternity. So if it is lower, the probability of the tested man being the child's father will be lower. Below the CPI is 'Probability of Paternity'. You will usually see 99-99.99% as this figure. The reason why it is not 100% is because in scientific testing such as this one, nothing can be 100%. It is just an accepted fact.

Do Your Research Before Using at Home DNA Test for Court

Before using an at home DNA test kit for paternity, decide if you will want the paternity to be used for any court proceedings. If this is the case, you could possibly need to go through a different source for your paternity DNA testing.