The Blender build

Introduction to the Blender build

DoubleStrike vs Dual

Hello interested exile if you have come to this page you are interested in the benefits of Dual strike verses Double Strike.  The blender build has become extremely popular and highly dependent on life on hit.  If you are like me you prioritized a healthy amount of magic find, health, Armor, Resist, and damage. 


If you are new to this general build i would highly suggest creating a character with this build as it progresses through the game quickly and without issues in the mid game.

[66-End Game(86+)]

Not surprisingly you may have come with issues in the later tier of the game with defensive abilities and ability to solo high 70 maps(without Bringer of Rain).  At this point i would suggest using doublestrike with a life on hit gem which will allow multiple hits and thus more life leech(For bosses or content that requires more tanking).

For the general build and an indepth guide click below:


Double Strike versus Dual Strike

Dual Strike: 100% Damage modifiers on attack damage +Increase in physical damage dependent on level


Double Strike: 70% Damage modifiers on attack damage+Increase in physical damage dependent on level


By pure numbers Dual will output more damage than double thus for the blender build people generally use dual.  But, I find that double has become paramount to progressing in maps and face tanking bosses that i originally wouldn't have been able to with dual.  Not only that but within larger groups i am able to tank and be in the front lines without worrying about dying using doubleas opposed to dual(so long as the damage-per-second) is not needed.

 Please Note Double Strike uses only mainhand damage modifiers in situations where double strike is preferred it is used with a shield(but that doesn't mean it can't be used while dual wielding!)



Higher Damage Output

Slower attack speed

Less Life Leech


Lower Damage Output

More successive hits resulting in higher instant HP regeneration

Higher Survivability

Applies on hit abilities faster as it hit's twice for one right click