The walls and flooring of the kitchen, bathroom, etc may look more appealing to the eyes when they are cleaned thoroughly. The tiles used for the kitchen and bathrooms are available in a huge range of colors, patterns, sizes, etc to perfectly match with your décor. But if not maintained and cleaned properly they loose all their beauty and glamour. The most common problem the tiles face is the deposit of dirt and grease on the grout. The grout is the substance used by masons to bind two tiles together without leaving any gap in between. There are many ways of cleaning the grout without using any harsh chemicals or expensive cleaners.

If you have the patience to clean the grout yourself, fortunately there are many thrifty and effective grout cleaners available in your pantry itself. All you have to do is to dampen the tiles of the floor or the walls or the area where you would wish to clean the grout with a mop or a sponge. Now sprinkle some baking soda over the grout and leave it for an hour or so. Clean the grout using an old tooth brush or some scrubbing alternative. If the area to be cleaned is not too dirty or greasy, cleaning the grout with the sponge itself is also possible. Rinsing the brush or sponge periodically with water is necessary.
If you do not have the patience to wait for an hour, you can just sprinkle some undiluted vinegar over the baking soda that you have sprinkled on the grout. Wipe off the grout within half an hour with the same materials described above. Now your grout is shinier and brighter than before.

Other easy ways to clean the grout are applying a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to the area and cleaning it off with a tooth brush and rinsing it. Another way is mixing three cups of baking soda to one cup of water and make it into a paste. Apply the solution onto the grout and later wipe it away using a sponge and then rinse with water. Whatever type you follow, it is necessary to protect your face and eyes from close contact. As this may lead to other health related problems. Just squeeze some fresh lime juice and mix it with some water and apply it onto the grout and clean it off with a toothbrush. This will also whiten your grout.