It seems you often hear of the health care field as the big growth industry these days and a major source of career opportunities. In one way that's a good thing but in another it might be a symptom of a larger problem. For now we'll look at as an opportunity at least if you've been interested in getting a job in the medical field. Since any number of people looking for jobs in this field are just getting started we'll look at the patient care technician arena of expertise since it is a position that requires some training but not at the level you'll need to break into other medical niches.

Patient care techs may go by other names or perform similar functions to other types of medical assistant positions in hospitals and clinics however there are specific education and certification tracks for people interested in becoming PCTs.

You will probably be most suited for work as a patient care assistant if you find it easy to work with people, even those in trying circumstances as folks often are when they are patients in hospitals or clinics. Your ability to put the patients at ease and communicate effectively with them could be a major factor in your success at the job.

To get started with training in the patient care field you will need to decide what type of education program best suits your needs and schedule. Some schools offer on-campus programs with the traditional classroom environment while other establishments offer correspondence and/or online courses which you can complete from home while interacting with your instructor and classmates via the Internet. It's up to you to choose an education track that you'll be able to complete while still taking care of your other obligations like a day job or other classes. Fortunately the choices are a bit more varied than in the past.

After you complete a course of study you may want to obtain one of the professional certifications available in the field. Depending on your potential place of employment it may be a requirement that you get at least one of these credentials. Some of the common ones are the CPCT (Certified Patient Care Technician), CPCA (Certified Patient Care Associate) and CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) credentials.

If all this sounds like something you think you'd be up for dig in and do a bit more research to see if the typical patient care tech job description sounds like something you would like to be doing on a daily basis, check out the salary information available from places like the BLS and look into what schools offer courses that look like a good fit.