If you have a great looking set of patio furniture and you don't have your chairs cushioned, then you are missing out on the solution that has been around since the barbecue was invented. I'd recommend getting the best ones that you can afford. Yes, it is true that they can be expensive. In fact, for a set of four patio chair cushions and maybe a bench cushion, you could spend upwards of $250-350 USD. If you didn't spend that much on the patio furniture itself, it is hard to fathom spending all that on just cushions. You will find that the investment is worth it.

First of all, the patio cushions are an investment. If you are just expecting to go get those cheap patio cushions you saw at your local big box store, you might be in for some disappointment. It is easy to get taken in by the cheap cushion dilemma. You might think you can get new ones when your other ones wear out. Well, this is fine, but why would you simply want to waste money? This is exactly what you will experience if you have to constantly be replacing inferior cushions.

Getting a quality set of cushions is worth it because of the type of quality you will get. This is because how cushions that cost a bit more are made. The materials, craftsmanship and durability are all factors that go into the quality of a particular cushion. The material fabric patterns that were once used only for indoor furniture is now available for both outdoor draperies, awnings and patio cushions. However, don't get caught up thinking that your patio furniture will look like it was covered with an awning. The fabrics are made specifically for use as chair cushions.

The main factor that should guide your decisions is your tastes and needs. If you find something that you like or have an idea as to how you will use them, then make the necessary budget modifications to get what you want. In the end, this will leave you feeling happier and better about your purchase. You don't want to get buyer's remorse about getting those cheap ones and feel bad each time you have company and you wonder how comfortable they are. In the end, you are the one that will using and looking at your patio cushions for the most part. If you get something that is too bold or has a pattern that is more trendy, you may find that you tire of them more quickly. This could come back to bite you as home decor changes all the time. In the end, getting patio chair cushions that are comfortable and well made will go a long way to making your outdoor furniture a more enjoyable place to spend your time.