Patio container gardening is the perfect alternative for those that don't have much backyard space for a garden. It is also a good choice for those who do have the room, but prefer to decorate their yard with beautiful pots and a bounty of home grown vegetables. Container gardening saves a lot of time, a container gardener does not have to work the soil the same way as a traditional gardener. The reason most people pick to gardener in a patio container is definitely space issues. A garden can be grown in containers on decks, porches and patios.

Celery is an easy vegetable to grow in a container. Celery can be grown in almost any area of the country. Celery is a mild weather vegetable that should not be grown during hot summers. During the high heat of summer Celery will wilt and not flourish. Celery grows better in milder temperatures.

Choose a patio container that is approximately 15 to 18 inches across and at least 8 inches deep.

Choose a location that is partially shady to keep celery-plants from burning and wilting in the full sun.

Plant celery-plants and celery seeds when low temperatures are above 55° to 60 °.

Fill the patio container about 3/4 of the way with potting soil.

Add a layer of compost to the hole.

Plant celery-plants and celery seeds when low temperatures are above 55° to 60 °.

Plant celery-plants approximately 6 to 8 inches apart and about 2 inches into the soil and compost mixture. Celery has shallow roots so it does not need to be planted in far or deep.

Plant Celery seeds approximately 2 to 3 inches apart and about 1 inch deep in the patio container. celery-plants can be thinned out later if they become too crowded in the pot.

Water new celery-plants and seeds immediately.

Keep the area around celery-plants weed free. Weeds will kill celery-plants.

Feed Celery every two weeks. To feed Celery; fill a bucket about 1/2 way with water, add a shovelful of compost, allow the compost to steep in the water overnight, strain the compost out of the water. Use the remaining water to feed your celery-plants. The water is packed with essential nutrients for growing healthy Celery.

To harvest Celery; Cut the celery-plant just below the soil when the stalks are about 12 inches high. They can be cut before they reach 12 inches if unusually hot weather is expected or the celery-plants begin to wither.