Carrots are a healthy snack, great cooked as a side dish or as a part of an entree. Many people choose to grow their own carrots in order to regulate the use of pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers along with other chemicals. You may never have thought of growing carrots in a patio container, but it is a great way to grow your own carrots. Traditionally, patio container gardening was used by those with very limited space such as apartment or condo dwellers, but this is no longer the case. Patio container gardening is a great way to keep weeds contained, under control and they take away the need for the constant bending and stooping required in traditional gardening. Patio containers are also a wonderful to keep your vegetable garden separated and they may a very pretty decorative type garden while being functional. Patio container gardening is still very much in use by those that do not have yards because this is an excellent way to be able to have fresh, home grown organic vegetables waiting steps away from your kitchen.

Grow carrots as a healthy snack for you and your family. Kids love to snack and carrots are so much better than cookies. Store bought carrots are never as fresh as the ones you plant, grow and pick. Have your kids help with the prepartion and care of the carrots and they will be more likely to give veggies a chance.

Carrots Want:

prefer cooler weather and less sun.

Choose a spot in the yard that is partially shaded and not in the full sun.

Choosing Varieties and Containers

Choose a miniature or short variety of carrots.

Pick a patio container at least 18 to 24 inches across and a minimum of 12 inches deep.

Preparing the Soil

Make a mixture of 60% potting soil, 20% compost and 20% sand.

They need a loose soil, they will not grow if the soil is hard like clay or packed tightly into the patio container.


Plant carrot seeds 1/2 an inch deep and 2 to 3 inches apart from each other when nighttime temperature are consistently over 55°.

Cover the carrot seeds with potting soil - Do not pack it down, just loosely cover the seeds.

If you are transplanting carrot plants - dig a hole deep enough so only the green leafy part is above the soil. Space the carrot plants 2 to 3 inches apart and cover loosely with potting soil.

Caring for Your Patio Container

Once a week fertilize your carrots with a liquid fertilizer. To make your own liquid fertilizer, place a shovelful of compost into a large bucket, fill the rest of the bucket with water and allow the compost to soak in the water overnight. In the morning strain off the compost and save the water. Use the water as your liquid fertilizer when you water them.

Water carrots on a regular basis, do not allow the soil to completely dry out.

To Harvest :

require 60 to 80 days to grow and mature.

Just before harvesting, water the carrots thoroughly which will make pulling them out of the ground easy.

Grasp the leafy green stems and pull them straight up and out of the ground.

Wash off the excess dirt and snap the green stems off of your carrots.