Peanuts are actually pretty easy to grow. peanut-plants don't have deep roots so they are easily grown in a Patio-Container. Peanuts are not a nut as many people believe, peanuts are in a legume family just like peas and beans. Peanuts are a fun plant to grow because they are so different from many of the traditional garden crops and will quickly become a conversation piece.

Patio-Container gardening is a fun way to have a garden even in limited spaces such as patios, decks or porches. Patio-Container gardening is also a great way to have a garden, even if you have the room, without the same difficulty in preparing the garden soil, raking and hoeing as a traditional garden requires.

Plant peanut seeds indoors in colder climates. In warm climates peanut seeds can be started either indoors or out. If you are starting peanut-plants outdoors, they can be started in the Patio-Container you have chosen for growing.

Choose a garden container at least 14 inches in diameter and at least 8 inches deep. peanut-plants do not require much depth for roots because they are a shallow root plant.

Choose an area of full sun for peanut-plants. peanut-plants thrive in hot sunny areas of a yard or patio.

Prepare your Patio-Container soil for transplant by using a heavy amount of compost mixed with your potting soil.

Plant seeds approximately 1 inch into the potting soil in the Patio-Container.

Transplant peanut-plants from indoors to an outdoor Patio-Container when outdoor temperatures stay consistently above 60°. Temperatures below 60° can stunt the growth of your peanut-plants. peanut-plant will not survive a frost so if the weather decides to dip down, move your peanut-plants indoors.

Plant your peanut-plants about 10 inches apart. One or two peanut-plants are sufficient in a garden container.

Spread a thin layer of mulch around the base of your peanut-plants.

Water the peanut-plants when the soil begins to feel dry. It is important not to over water peanut-plants because over watering will cause the plants' roots to rot and the plants will die. Keep the soil a slightly on the drier side, but do not allow the soil to become very dry and crumbly.

Pick your peanuts when the leaves of the peanut-plant turn yellow. Remove the entire peanut-plant from the Patio-Container. Lay the plants to dry in a warm dry area. Shake the dried peanut-plants to remove the peanuts.




Peanut seeds are available from specialty garden centers and online.