You don't need a pineapple-plantation to grow your own pineapples, a good solid patio container in a sunny spot is basically it. Pineapples are a wonderful, sweet delicious fruit. Pineapple can be eaten as is or can be added to salads, desserts and entrees or you can make your own pineapple juice. A pineapple-plant is also a lovely plant for your patio or container garden. Patio container gardening allows you to grow the fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs even if your space is limited. This is also a convenient way to grow a variety of plants without soil worries or watering requirement worries. Fill your patio container with whatever type of soil the plant requires and water according to the particular plants' needs to be a successful patio container gardener.

This is a simple way to grow any variety of pineapple that you prefer. This method can be used on any ripe pineapple.

Firmly grasp the top stem of the pineapple in one hand. Hold the pineapple in the other hand. Forcefully twist the stem off of the pineapple.


Remove the bottom 12 to 15 leaves.


Place the stem in about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water. Use a small shallow bowl. bowl in a sunny and warm area such as a windowsill.


Leave the pineapple stem in water for 2 to 3 weeks, refill the water as needed.


When you see roots developing, it is time to plant your pineapple.


Fill a large garden container, at least 24 inches across and 18 inches deep, with potting soil. Add compost. The ratio should be approximately 75% potting soil and 25% compost.


Dig a shallow hole in the center of the patio container place the stem into the potting soil and compost mixture.


Cover the stem about 1/2 an inch above the roots with soil.


Keep your pineapple-plant well watered. Water pineapple-plants at both the soil level and on the crown.


Mealy bugs love pineapple-plants so always keep an eye out for them and treat accordingly. Do not use any harmful chemical pesticides or insecticides on this edible fruit because what you spray on your plant can leech into the fruit. Always look for a natural alternative to kill off any pests.

Enjoy your fresh pineapple-plant inside a warm area during cold winter months. Bring your pineapple-plant indoors when nighttime temperatures fall below 55°. pineapple-plants are tropical and require lots of warm sun. They are not cold hardy. After you move your pineapple indoors, keep near a sunny window.