Are you looking for patio coverings, that are affordable, and give you that extra protection from the sun? There are ways to turn that outside deck into a great extra room, that allows you more time outside even when the sun is blazing, or if the day is drizzling.

But you may have thought you only option was to get something permanent, attached to your house. That is one way, and they are very effective as well.

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The most expensive way to achieve patio coverings, is with a awning. There are many companies out there now that offer amazing retractable awnings, in stylish colors, that you can control the distance out from the house, and the angle. But these do have to be installed by a professional and are attached to your house structure. This is a great option, but also more expensive, starting at a few thousand dollars, depending on whether you are just protecting a window, or covering an entire patio. This may not be a good idea if you are renting for example.

The downside, is that you don't usually get the option of screened walls for evening protection from mosquitoes.



But there are other forms of patio coverings, that you can setup right away, and are stylish and yet affordable. Home Depot or your local large hardware store is a great place to start looking. You can get simple gazebo's and screen houses, for a few hundred dollars, depending on the size and your needs. They are usually aluminum frames, and come in different sizes and colors.

You may have seen these set up in backyards, like a dining tent, but they can be secured to a patio or deck, for extra coverage. They are not restricted to the grassy areas. There are kits you can get to secure these to wood or concrete. No matter how big or small your living area is. Patio coverings, can make it useable.

These are also great if you want to set up an instant patio out in the yard, for that next party. But what if you just want your patio covered? There are aluminum framed gazebos with polyester fabrics that are UV protected and tough, that can be secured right onto your back deck or patio. There are styles that can butt right up to your house, and cover the patio doors to your house, so that you can walk straight outside.

You do need to secure these gazebos properly, especially if you are in a windy area, and you do need to make sure and get one that is UV rated, especially if your back deck is in full sun. It might also be worth the extra money, to purchase the netting, or screens that many of the styles now offer. This allows you to sit outside and not be eaten alive by mosquitoes.

By having patio coverings, such as a an aluminum framed gazebo right up to the door, then you don't have to venture through mosquitoes to get to your sitting area. This way you do not have to disturb the screened curtain area allowing mosquitoes inside. So, if you can enclose your patio door in the gazebo that is the best scenario.

Get one large enough to cover your back deck, and then you can also protect your outdoor furniture from the sun. If you want to be rain protected, just make sure and look at the fabric being used for the roof. There are many that are geared for sun, and others that are for weather.

Also, make sure to take into account the wind in the area you are planning on installing your patio coverings. You may need to secure the corners down to keep it from blowing away. In the winter you can remove the cover, and leave the frame standing, then it is ready for the spring time. You don't have to take down the frame for the winter.

It may not be the permanent solution you are looking for, but for a few hundred dollars, you can have an extra room outside in the nice months, without worry of being sunburned or rained on or eaten alive. You can get that better outdoor furniture you have always wanted, and decorate inside, just like any other room in your house.

Some of these patio coverings, have built in shelves in the corner structures to allow for plants. You can turn this into your own oasis.

This is a great idea for over a hot tub as well, to keep the hot sun off of you, or for those nights when you want to avoid the mosquitoes, you can close the screened curtains. You can also hang outdoor patio lights in these gazebos.

You can upgrade your backyard quite quickly with patio coverings, such as gazebos, and screen houses.


Free Standing Umbrella

If you just don't have the space for a gazebo, or you don't like them, but want some patio covering, and protection from the sun, then you can get these free standing umbrellas. They are sturdy, and great for over a table without taking up the room in the center of the table that traditional umbrellas do. These can be quite large, and are a approximately $250.00 and up, depending on size and style.

The only thing you have to watch with these, is heavy windy area. They move around a lot. But if you don't want much room taken up with other patio coverings such as gazebos, or anything attached to your house such as awnings, then one of these free standing umbrellas, may just do the trick for you.

You have spent most of the winter inside, it is time to venture outside, and enjoy it. If you have to move around the house depending on where the shade is to be able to enjoy sitting outside or barbequing, then start shopping for patio coverings, that will work for you.

You can research them in your local home improvement center, or you can also find them online. There are many styles of aluminum framed patio covers, that will turn that patio into instant extra space.