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Outdoor patio covers basically come in form of simple awnings installed over patios and outdoor rooms, for protection against the rain and the sun. Using patio shades and canopies ensures that the whole family can use and enjoy their outdoor leisure room for many months of the year.


Because a patio canopy is meant to give welcome shade from the hot sun of the sweltering summer months, and protection during the frequent rainfall during the rainy months, it's choice requires a well planned and thoughtful consideration, or else it can turn an otherwise beautiful patio design idea into an oven in summer and a wind funnel during the cold windy months.


Choosing a Cover That Works

Choosing the right covers first and foremost depends on the home designs, followed by the style of the surrounding garden, the landscape of the outdoors, and the shape of the patios themselves. Patio covers must harmonise, not only with structural features of these elements, but also with the tones, characters and relationships to each other. Choices include temporary patio shades, permanent patio roofs, and adjustable outdoor patio coverings.

Canvas Patio Covers and Awnings

Canvas patio covers are quite popular, very affordable and highly efficient. As patio covers, they add cheerful colours to a dull and unimpressive patio. They however serve more as temporary patio covers than permanent patio shades.


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Canvas, a tightly woven textile material, can be found in a variety of weaves and assortment of colours. Patio shades made with canvas come in a variety of patterns, including checks, stripes, and plaid designs. Weights of the material ranges from a light texture cloth, to a dense and tightly constructed fabric, but it is good to know that if canvas's weight is too light, it won't withstand severe weather conditions, and if it's too thick and weighty, it may take a long time to dry out after a heavy rainfall, which will likely result in mildew.


Good thing is that today's canvas patio covers are made colourfast and waterproof. This is achieved by applying acrylic or vinyl coatings to the material before making into patio shades. They can also be treated to resist fungus and fire.


A form of classic canvas fabrics referred to as shade cloth comes mainly in saran (green) and polypropylene (black). They possess a weave similar to those used for window screening. Its construction will give almost any degree of shade, from six percent, and up to ninety four percent.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Patio Shades

  • Know the shape and size of your patio.
  • The durability and versatility of the canopy.
  • Is the patio cover meant just for aesthetics or for efficiency?
  • What are its advantages and disadvantages?
  • How easy to maintain is it?
  • An easy to install shade, or a removable one.
  • How affordable is it?


Home Designs with Patios

Nothing complements the garden as much as beautiful patio covers. They make a home's outdoor room inviting, creating a great outdoor entertaining area. All of the best homes usually include an outdoor room that will work seamlessly with their house designs, giving a unified overall design.


So when you plan for your patio roof, ensure that everything fits beautifully together, from the flooring, to the furniture, screens and patio covers.