Spring and Easter Patio Decor

How to Decorate a Patio for Easter

The Easter holiday gives people an opportunity to spruce up their patio with creative decorations. Easter is a movable holiday* that falls sometime in March or April. The timing is excellent as it coincides with the beginning of Spring. Patio decorating ideas for Easter are not limited to Easter egg, basket, and bunny decorations. Easter decorations and Spring home decor intersect thematically. The cross over offers consumers fun and affordable patio decorating ideas for Easter and Spring.

Patio Decorating - Ideas for Easter and Spring

Decorating the patio for Easter reflects personal style. Before buying any patio decor make sure that it fits both the budget and the size of the patio or porch area.  These patio decorating ideas for Easter and Spring are decorative options for anyone shopping for bargains, looking for simple decorating ideas, and those decorating small patios, large patios, enclosed patios, covered patios, porches, and apartment patios.

Patio String Lights and Easter Egg Lights

Decorating a patio with string lights works for any holiday, including Easter. String lights are an excellent choice for anyone seeking deck, porch, or patio decorating ideas. Patio string lights work as a single, simple decoration, or as part of a larger plan.  Patio lights have a way of creating a mood and certain ambiance. String lights are available in a variety of colors, lengths, shapes, and prices, making them a go-to decorating idea for any patio, porch, deck, or other outdoor area regardless of the season or occasion. The patio string lights for Easter offer a couple of different style options -- Easter egg lights, pastel string lights, Easter egg lantern string lights, white string lights, or rope lighting. Read the product description before buying string lights for patio decorating. Some Easter egg lights are  for indoor use only, typically as party decorations.   Hanging string lights in an enclosed or covered patio may work fine, so just consider the intended use of the patio decorations. String lights work as Easter window decorations, too.  The lights can hang in a window and screen door and still create a desired effect on the patio area.  

Patio Decorating Ideas for Easter - House and Garden Flags

House flags, garden flags, yard signs, and banners are a good option for people who want patio decorating ideas that are useful for multiple holidays, seasons, and special occasions. House and garden flags are durable, eco-friendly, affordable patio decorating ideas for Easter, Spring, Summer, and right on through to holidays in Winter. House flags are slightly larger than garden flags and each must have their own flag pole, although some people drape the flag over a patio banister. House and garden flags are good patio decorations for Easter and Spring because there is are hundreds, if not thousands, of flag designs. House and garden flag designs include Easter egg flags, Easter bunny flags, custom flags, Hippity Hop Easter garden flag for patioCredit: Amazon.comcollege flags, Spring flags, military flags, religious symbol flags, Christian flags, and personalized house flags for those who want ultimate control over the patio decorating. 

The Hippity Hop Garden Flag is one of Amazon’s best selling garden flags in two different categories -- Easter and Garden Banners and Flags. The Hippity Hop Garden Flag is made out of fade and mildew resistant heavyweight polyester fabric.  It is available as a house flag or a garden flag and can stay up after Easter is over.  Buy the Hippity Hop flag on sale at Amazon for a huge discount off of its regular price.  Double check the size to make sure that it fits the house or garden flag pole.  For those who prefer garden flags with a clearer message about Easter there are several very popular Christian garden flag designs. Easter flags cost around $9 to $20 depending on size.

Inflatable Easter Decorations

Air blown Easter decorations are another patio decorating idea dependent on patio size. Inflatable Easter decorations are used for patio decorating, lawn decorating, Easter parties and Easter egg hunts. Some Easter inflatable decorations are for indoor use only, however, they are likely fine decorating ideas if they are in covered porches or enclosed patios. Air blown inflatable Easter decorations come in many shapes and sizes, for example large Easter eggs, Easter baskets, bunnies, plus therInflatable Easter Decoration BunnyCredit: Amazon.come are Disney and Peanuts inflatable decorations like Mickey Mouse with an Easter egg and Snoopy with Bunny Ears.

One of the best inflatable bunnies for patio decorating is the Garden Charm Inflatable Hanging Decoration - Bunny Takes a Break. This cute, inflatable bunny is a yard and garden decorative piece.  The bunny inflatable is a good choice for consumers who want to buy an outdoor Easter decoration that they can use past Easter, as a garden or patio decoration through Spring.  Buy the Garden Charm inflatable hanging bunny decoration and others like it at Amazon. 

Patio Decorating Ideas for Easter and Spring

These are just a few patio decorating ideas for Easter. Spring brings all sorts of beauty into decorating. Some other patio decorating ideas to consider are Easter wreaths and Spring welcome mats or rugs. Easter flowers are always great, whether they are gifts or decorating ideas for the patio, porch, deck, and inside the home. Consider buying hanging patio decor, too. When people are decorating a patio they sometimes take a linear approach, forgetting that the patio has multiple dimensions and angles. Windsocks, Easter Egg Twirls, and Sun-Catchers look great hanging on patios, porches, and decks. 

Some consumers prefer Easter patio decor that represents the renewal of Spring more than the Easter bunny. Any of these patio decorating ideas can be incorporated by someone who loves Springtime and just wants to add a touch of Easter to their home. There are plenty of Spring-style decorating ideas within Easter-specific patio decor and most people are only limited by imagination. People can decorate a patio on a budget by buying items on sale, price comparison, and shopping online at stores that offer no sales tax, free shipping, and other discount patio decorations for Easter. Amazon is one of the best online retailers since they sell their own items plus they serve as a store front for hundreds of other stores, large and small.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

*Easter 2011 is April, 24