Patio door locks and handles are important home security measurements to take for your home. Although the front entry is the most likely place where a robbery can occur, the back patio door is usually the next place a burglar would attempt to break into your home. It makes sense why patio doors can be at high risk for a potential burglary. They're usually around back, where its less likely for the burglar to be interrupted. Patio doors are really easy to break into as well. Sliding glass door locks and handles are highly recommended, along with front door locks to help ensure the maximum security of your home.

If a burglar badly wants to get into your home, then they usually can. However, most of them aren't going to break through glass patio doors to do so. Not without causing quite a bit of disturbance while doing so. You can also install an alarm system, along with secured sliding door locks for maximum security. The best patio door locks and handles can be purchased online for great bargains. Down below are some sliding patio door locks and handles to purchase online.


CR Laurence Sliding Patio Door Locks

The C.R. Laurence CRL Spring Loaded Patio Door Lock - PDL 1 is a reasonably priced sliding glass door lock to purchase for your home. It only costs about $30 dollars online at stores like and The nice thing about these sliding patio door locks is that it automatically locks the door when it shuts. I think the biggest fear for most homeowners, is simply forgetting to lock their doors. The lock does not get installed onto the door handle. The sliding door lock is installed on the top on the glass door, on the interior side of your home. Then a 5 1/2 inch locking pin automatically locks the door when its closed. However, if you retract the pin by twisting it in a 90 degree angle, then it won't automatically lock if you don't want it to. It's childproof to help prevent safety. If you live up on a balcony, then its a recommended product to purchase. Not just for home security issues, but safety reasons as well.

Prime Line Sliding Patio Door Locks and Handles

Prime Line Products Patio Door Mortise Handle

Patio door lock handles are still popular ways to keeping sliding glass patio doors locked and secured. The Prime Line Products Patio Door Mortise Handle is a cheap priced sliding patio lock handle to purchase online at home depot for about $30 dollars. These patio door lock handles are pretty easy to install yourself. Prime Line patio door locks and handles can withstand 850 pounds of pull resistance. The dual clamp and die cast lock are very strong, and offers a professional type of security for your backyard patio. The handle features a white finish.

Von Morris Sliding Patio Door Locks and Handles

If you don't mind spending a little money on sliding patio door locks and handles, then Von Morris might be some of the best decorative products to purchase. They're very expensive patio door lock handles though. Prices can go as high as $500 dollars for some of their products. However, the Von Morris Weave Knob W/ Long Plate 605 Polished Brass Mortised goes for slightly under $400 dollars online at These are turn handle 06 polished brass patio doors. If you don't have a sliding patio door, then these are more suited patio door locks to use. Prices are a little high. You can also customize the finishes that you want, but its a heck of a lot more expensive.

Keyless Sliding Patio Door Locks

Keyless locks are a little more expensive to purchase. The Locky 2500 Series sliding door lock is a do-it-yourself setup. It with fit 1 3/16 inch to 2 11/64 inch doors. It's weatherproof and features include up to 8,000 different code combinations. If you don't want to take any chances, then this is definitely a recommended product to purchase for your home. It fits on both left handed and right handed doors. There's a 1 year mechanical warranty of the product. You can purchase online at