Installing a patio fireplace would be a great idea if you like to sit outside with your family or even entertaining during the cooler months. There are an incredible number of choices when it comes to patio fireplaces, and figuring out what is best for your wallet and sense of style is paramount.

The chimenia is one of the most popular and prominent patio fireplace choices. Over the ages chimenias, made from clay have been used for both cooking and heating. Clay chimenias were used earlier in homes, mainly because it was relatively inexpensive and easily manufactured. It was placed inside the home as a heating source. Now days with the advent of modern homes the clay chimenia is now not a very popular choice. Mainly because it is easily damaged and not very friendly to excess heat. If used, it is used as an ornamental piece outdoors.

Aluminum and cast iron chimnias are now more popular patio fireplace choices. Among the two, the aluminum is preferred simply because it is lighter in weight and will not rust unlike cast iron. Both aluminum and cast iron chimenias give out the same amount of heat.
One of the disadvantages of these chimenias is that they can get very hot and hence one should be careful, particularly if there are children around.

Mobile Fire Pits
Probably the simplest designs among patio fireplaces are the Fire Pits. These usually have three legs with a shallow dish. The dish is more often made of metal. You can fill up this dish with charcoal or wood. A mesh is usually used to cover it. These fire pits double up as not only as outdoor heating but they are great for barbecues too. They are easily movable and can be carried along for picnics too.

Old Fashioned fireplaces
These fireplaces are similar to the ones found in old homes, except they are built outdoors. Unlike traditional fireplaces built inside the house, these patio fireplaces do not have chimneys. They can be used with the traditional fuel like wooden logs or charcoal

Propane Fireplaces
Probably the most popular among all gas patio fireplaces are the propane fireplaces. These fireplaces use propane as the fuel. The fuel burns easily and the heat can be controlled by adjusting the propane flow. These fireplaces are easily and safely moved even when the fireplace is burning. The only disadvantage in the propane fireplaces is that they do not give you the effect of a burning fire as in a wood burning fireplace. The advantage is that they can be started easily with an electric starter or even manually.

Grated cylinder fireplace
If you do not want the fire to be enclosed, a good choice for the patio fireplace is the grated cylinder fireplace. Not only can you get a bigger fire but you get the camp- fire kind of effect. You can purchase models with wheels so that you can move them anywhere.

Electric Infrared Patio heaters
The latest trend among many discerning users is the electric heater, in fact the infrared patio heater. The main advantage of this product is the price of consumption. The advantage this electric patio fireplace heater has it its safety compared to all the other kinds of fireplaces. There is no flame; hence there is absolutely no worry about a fire. There is no smell which will bother anyone.

Having a patio fireplace is a great idea because now you can sit outdoors in a mildly chilly night and enjoy the clean air while still feeling warm. In a way, a good patio fireplace extends the warm season for you.

Whatever kind of patio fireplace you use, it is important to remember that safety is a prime concern.
Make sure that small children do not get too near the fireplace. It is also important not to keep any flammable objects close to the patio fireplace.

The choices you have are many. It would make a lot of business sense to consult with an expert in patio fireplaces. They would be able to give you the pros and cons of all the kinds of patio fireplaces out there in the market.