You're all set to relax outside. You have your cool beverage of choice, a great new summer thriller, your sunblock and big hat and now you go out to sit and you see that wrought iron furniture staring back at you. It's just daring you to sit on it out there in the intense sun. You meant to go get those chair cushions, but then it slipped your mind. Then again, you may have those great looking and weather defying teak chairs. These are beautiful and take the elements very well, but they are hard as nails on your you know what. Herein lies your dilemma.

This is a dilemma, one which I hope you don't have to face. There is nothing worse than a mood-ruining moment like that. Well, I guess there are some, but they involve little blue pills and those are seemingly available everywhere on the internet. So, back to the patio dilemma. What can you do now? Well, there is only one thing you can do - you need to start searching for patio chair cushions. Perfect, you say, that is how I found this article that I am reading right now before me. Okay, so once you leave here, armed with some good information, you will be in a better position to assess your chair cushion needs and options.

First things first, you will want to get some good ideas as to the style and type of patio furniture cushions you are interested in. This seems obvious, but your tastes and the look of your home may influence what is available as an option for you. Having a very modern looking set of chair cushions will not do a French country type theme any justice. Also, if your pattern on the cushions is overpowering, it may visually distract you from the rest of your beautiful patio or backyard. You want the style to suit your space. However, don't sacrifice style over comfort. You can get something a bit more on the plain side as long as they are comfortable. You will not want to be cursing your cushions every time you go out to enjoy yourself and only get frustrated by their lack of comfort or heat-trapping properties.

Because patio cushions also follow the trends in other outdoor product developments, there are many types of fabrics available today that were not around years ago. These go a long way towards helping you get longer life out of your cushions. Your patio chair cushion now can be essentially waterproof and ultraviolet light (UV) resistant. These properties allow your cushions to maintain their good looks for years to come. Longer durability and life span means more comfort and more enjoyment.