Canvas Gazebo
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Once the summer takes over the temperature can easily rise to 100 degrees.  Try entertaining out on your concrete patio with no protection from the sun and see how you feel.  After about 15 minutes you are running in the house for shelter.  This is the problem that many homeowners face when they don’t have an awning built over their back patio or no covered deck.  Now there are several things that they can do to bring some shade to their backyard entertainment area. 

Umbrella.  There are many amazing umbrellas to go with any patio furniture.  You can purchase a small or large umbrella depending on your coverage needs.  Umbrellas today are made to give you maximum coverage, just be sure to take them down after use.  The disadvantage of umbrellas is if you leave them up during a storm, they can fly away or get ripped up.  This is a pretty inexpensive fix for your patio needs. 

Sun Shade Sail.  One of the newest covers to hit the scene are the sun shade sail.  These beautiful shades are made of high density polyethylene weave fabric.  They are able to block out up to 95% of UV Rays.  This makes them an excellent choice for any back yard patio, pool or kids play area.  They come in triangular of rectangular designs and a plethora of amazing colors.  The great thing about these sun shades is the material will not rot or mildew.  This gives you an amazing cover that will last you for many years to come.

Gazebos.  If you have a little money to spend you can buy a gazebo.  They can be bought in cloth or wood and are easy to assemble.  If you buy a wood gazebo you get extra seating space for entertaining.  You can also use it to relax in when you and the family are just enjoying your backyard.  The canvas gazebo gives you a beautiful tent covering for your outdoor area.  The canvas gazebos are placed over your concrete patio or on your deck.  An added feature is the netting, which helps to keep the insects at bay.  Both styles come in the classic octagon shape and can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars just depending on how large they are. 


Either of the above covers can add the needed sun protection in your backyard.  Regardless of the size of your yard and the size of your budget there is a sun shade just for you.  When the sun starts rolling in be ready.  With all the choices that are available you can start with something simple and work your way up.  Whatever you use have a cool and shady summer.




sun shade sail
Credit: google images