Candle holders are great decors for patio umbrellas. If you are currently in the market for a nice set, this article can get you started right away.

Of course, a candle holder is a candle holder-let us not make it more complicated than that. However, they can very well enhance moods and overall ambience of patios. We all know how a few lighted candles can set a very mellow mood on a dark area, so imagine the same effect achieved on your patio.

There are many different styles and designs available for patio umbrella candle holders in the market. The first thing you should figure out is the theme you are going after. Usually, most patios already have themes in line with the general feel and design of the house. Once you figure this out, you would have essentially narrowed down color and finishing choices. Most candle holders are of course made from metal, so you could imagine yours as having a painted or powder-coated surface.

Once you have that figured out, the next decision to make is the orientation of the candle holder. By this we mean how your candle holder attaches to your umbrella and even how it holds a candle or what kinds or sizes of candles in can safely hold.

One of the most common configurations for patio umbrella candle holders is the one that is inserted on the main pole of the umbrella. These types usually have the holders in a symmetrical circular manner, and can be elevated or in a flat plane. This setup is also the safest and stable configuration-stability is of course important since we are talking about flames here.

Another type of candle holder is the hanging type. These are usually pinned from the main ribs of the umbrella fabric, and are usually held by chains. While this configuration can be more stylish, constant attention and care is required especially if used in windy surroundings. These are only recommended for use in well-contained areas or those that are not entirely open.

Lastly, most candle holders come with their own candles and main candle holders. By main candle holders, we mean the glass casing that catches the melted wax. You can opt for these in a matching set or use your own candles if you want to save. Just make sure standard candle sizes will fit.

Once you have gone through the options and choices presented above, finding the right candle holder is simply a matter of having a bargain hunter's eye. If you plan to buy in bulk-for example for use in an event-you can go to retail stores and discount clubs. If you only plan on buying for personal use, the internet is your best bet.

Below are two examples of the pole-hugging type-one has the candles in a flat plane while the other has a more decorative, spiral style that has additional decorations as well.

patio umbrella candle holder 1patio umbrella candle holder 2 (35801)