No matter how much you always look forward to coming home and loving every expanse of space and decorative detail in your home, for some reason, we just get these moments of wanting to be transported outside those familiar walls. This is probably the reason why we always follow a certain theme or look to carry all through out our home. To keep us from being reminded that we're enclosed by walls.

The seduction of being outdoors and enjoying nature is just about as basic as human instinct as it is a luxury we most often covet when we feel like life begins to engulf as in its drudgery. We just feel that need to break free and be out there. Hence, most homeowners these days make their best attempt at incorporating a small garden, or a patio. Even though this could mean just a rickety old set of chairs lined up facing a trash can.

Every home has its own character to boast of and this is usually reflected on how you introduce your own personality in its design and layout. But most often we forget how much a little outdoor living space can be therapeutic to tired soul at the end of the day.

A patio need not be a major construction attached to your home. Although permanent patio enclosures do lend a good appeal to a home, some home owners feel it is too much money to spend for an attachment that you can only use a few times a year due to weather or climate or even just going through the effort of maintaining it all year round.

You need not break your bank account to enjoy the benefits of having your own private getaway at home. A patio can be your own recluse with a bottle of beer and some good company on a nice breezy day. All you need would be a set of outdoor furniture and maybe a retractable awning or better yet, even just a big foldable beach umbrella.

If you like to get busy on weekends with a little home improvement project, you may want to look into adding a sweet little patio to your home. If you don't have any idea of what you might want or you don't know how little or how far you want to take this patio project, you may want to check on what ideas virtual space can offer you.

You could go with an enclosed patio to allow you some privacy and keep those blasted bugs and insects away, or maybe you would like to take those carpentry skills a notch higher by building a sunroom surrounded by glass windows. If all that sounds like too much on your plate, maybe some good pavement and minimal landscaping is much more appealing to you.

Read up on the different ways to design, build and decorate the type of patio you would like. Either way, you are only limited by your imagination and your wallet. As long as you know the very basic elements that make a patio what it is, then you are well on your way to creating your own private getaway from within your home.