The 2008-09 season is going well for the Habs, creating the obvious question: how much of a shot do they have at the Cup? Then, thinking about other Canadiens triumphs, you inevitable think of Patrick Roy, such a big part of the more recent (ok, not THAT recent, but still) Canadiens successes. Fortunately, Carey Price seems like the kind of goalie that could carry the Habs through the playoffs. But as we look to the near future, let's take a moment to look back at the top 5 Patrick Roy moments, especially as his number 33 is set to be retired November 22nd.

5. In the 1993 Cup finals against Los Angeles, Roy made a killer save in game 4. As Thomas Sandstrom attempted to distract Roy, Luc Robitaille took a shot and was shut down cold. Of course, it doesn't need to be mentioned that '93 was indeed the year the cup returned to Montreal. That was one game for which I wish I had Montreal Canadiens tickets

4. There's nothing more hilarious in this world that two goalies fighting. They are the two players that are least likely to come into contact in any way. Instead of taking the big goalie stick to whoever's been in their crease all game (see above), they meet halfway and duke it out, loaded up with padded equipment like a couple of dudes in inflatable sumo suits. That said, on April 1st 1998, Roy did his part to fuel the Colorado-Detroit rivalry by wailing on Chris Osgood.

3. Patrick Roy and then Montreal coach Mario Tremblay weren't getting along. On December 2nd 1995, Roy let in nine goals by just the second period. Tremblay's prolonging of Roy's humiliation led Roy to approach president Ronald Corey and tell him that this was his last game in Montreal. Of course, he got traded to the current incarnation of his once favorite team (Quebec Nordiques), the Colorado Avalanche, with whom he won a cup the very next year.

Few non-injury-related individual games have had such an effect on a player's career. Check out some highlights below.

2. As mentioned above, 1993 was the most recent cup for the Habs. Roy had performed so well that he was honoured with the Conn Smythe Trophy for most valuable player. After winning, Roy was interviewed and asked "What's next?" Generating laughter to echo through the ages, Roy exclaimed "I'm going to Disneyland!"

1. It's hard to pick a number one Patrick Roy moment given the length and quality of his career, but the top spot has got to go to the moment when Roy decided not to be a goalie at all. Against the New York Rangers, Roy took it upon himself to take the puck and skate towards the opposite end of the ice.

After blowing past Wayne Gretzky, no less, he did a spin-o-rama move at centre ice before passing the puck off. Play was stopped by a chuckling referee, as goalies are not allowed to pass the halfway mark.

Maybe his hope was that being so close to the other goalie would give him an excuse to fight him later. Looking at the footage in the video below, it's clear that no one had a clue what was going through his head.