With the 4th of July fast approaching which means picnics, parks and beaches why not spruce up your decor with a few festive fun windsocks?

Every summer we see these festive decorations on boats, in the parks, in front and backyards and waving in the middle of gardens. The colorful motion being driven by the wind catches your eye as you are driving down the road, sailing across the water, and gazing out your window surveying your back yard.

There are many patriotic designs from which to choose. Of course their are variations of the flag but that is just of the options. There are boats all colored in red, white and blue with streamers blowing in the wind suggesting that maybe you would like to be spending the day on the water.

A very popular choice with military families and friends are windsocks depicting the branches of service. Military choices include every branch of the service and also eagles and POW/MIA selections. If you know of someone who has a member of the military why not pick up a windsock for their branch of the service as a holiday gift. It is such a kind and easy gift whether it be the Marines, Navy, Army, Airforce and National Guard. It a a fun and decorative way to remind us to remember these soldiers, who are so far away, protecting our freedoms, on this 4th of July.

Star Bundles and Bursts are also popular for a patriotic theme. It is just one of many versions of the stars and stripes. For evening events there are strings of lights encased in a windsock. The lights highlight the entire windsock for a beautiful night display. There are windsocks that when driven by wind appear to be flags, while others spin and turn and toss in the wind with a colorful display of red, white and blue.

Store fronts often hang windsocks in their entrance ways to attract the passing shopper and lure them into the store. You can do the same thing with your 4th of July decorations, place them at the entrance of your home to welcome guests to your holiday celebration. A simple way to decorate your celebration would to be focus on white table cloths, with red and blue plates and cups. Or use a red or blue tablecloth and white plates with red or blue napkins and cups. Pick up a few windsocks and place them at the entrance to picnic setting as a welcoming touch. Crank up the barbecue, invite some friends and family and celebrate the freedoms we are so fortunate to embrace.