You can choose a particular pattern and then, you can use that pattern to decorate different sections of your house. Given below are few tips that will help you to decorate your house with these lanterns in a trendy way.

Embellish Your Porch with Polka Dots Lanterns

Whether it is dress or lantern, the polka dot pattern works fine with any sort of item. This pattern has always been known for setting a playful and cheerful mood into the atmosphere. Therefore, using the polka dots in your porch will instantly set a party mood for your guests. You can use either colorful polka dots pattern set against light colored backgrounds like white or yellow, or else you can also use single-colored polka dot patterns for the same.

Use the Oriental Pattern for the Main Hall

The main room or hall where the event takes place becomes the center of attraction for your guests. Therefore, this is the place where you pour all your décor ideas. Currently, the oriental themes are being used a lot for party decoration as the oriental themes provide an ethnic touch to any décor while still bestowing it with a sophisticated look.

 You can use pattern paper lanterns that carry Chinese characters Fu (good fortune) and Lu (fortune and money) that are considered lucky for people. Besides these, you will also get lanterns that carry chic decorations of flowers in oriental styles. These pattern lanterns look really nice when they are scattered at appropriate places in your main event room as they provide a glow to the party when lighted with LED lights.

Decorate Dining Hall with Striped Pattern Lanterns

Well-flavored stripes have always provided an elegant look to attires, and their use on flags of different nations clearly shows their popularity. So, why to leave out the striped pattern lanterns from your party? Apart from the entrance and the main event hall, a party consists of one more important hall and that is the dining hall, and when it’s a party, decoration must rule every part of the party place.

Therefore, you can use the striped pattern lanterns to decorate your dining hall. You can use single colored pattern or multi-colored patterns or a blend of both these patterns to create a unique decorating theme for your guests.

One of the best features about these paper lanterns is that they come at amazing rates. Their affordability makes them all the more favorable among people who are looking for chic decorative accessories without paying heavy load on their wallet. If you are looking for an assorted collection of these lanterns, then you should check the online stores that house wide collection of these lanterns and offer them at economical rates.