Where to Find Great Patterns

The internet is full of great places to find patterns for macrame easter baskets (most of them being free).  I've searched far and wide for you and come up with four patterns, listed below.  Well, three patterns, plus an eBook with lots macrame information.  Each of these includes a list of materials required, along with detailed instructions on how to build the baskets. 

Wait, What is Macrame?
If you are not familiar with macrame, it is the art of decorative knotting.  It was very popular in the Victorian era, boomed in the 1970s, and has experienced a resurgence recently.  Typically, you will see macrame wall hangings, necklaces, draperies, and plant hangers, but this style of knitting can also be applied to easter baskets.  What a creative way to make a completely unique basket, especially compared with the typical plastic disposable type.  With a quality macrame easter basket that you make this year, you'll be able to re-use it year after year.  Enough already--read on if you are interested in finding patterns for macrame easter baskets.  

macrame easterCredit: wikipedia

1. MacrameLovers - OK, this one isn't free, but they offer an eBook with lots of macrame information, patterns, ideas, etc.  I am guessing that there are some easter basket patterns in there too.  If you are looking for more than just a simple easter basket guide, take a look at what they have to offer, because it looks to have a nice collection of macrame patterns, tips and tricks.  

macrame easter pattern

2. KingsKountry.com - This site has a nice pattern, see below.  When you go to this site, simple type "easter" into the search box and you will see the instructions for this macrame easter basket appear in the list. 

free macrame easter basket patternCredit: KingsKountry

3. Macramesuperstore.com - This one is similar to the macrame easter basket pattern found at KingsKountry.  I think the bow makes a nice touch.  

macrame easter instructionsCredit: macramesuperstore.com

4. Free-Macrame-Patterns.com - This site has a bunch of patterns, along with the easter basket pattern you see below.  To find this pattern, go to the website free-macrame-patterns.com and click on the "patterns" button (left side of the screen).  Next, scroll down to "holiday decorations" and you'll see the macrame easter basket in there, along with detailed instructions, and a bunch of other great holiday patterns. 

macrame instructions basket easter

There you have it.  Good luck with your projects.  I hope you have enjoyed this directory of patterns for macrame easter baskets.