Patton Heater

Patton Heaters Milk House Utility Heater Design:

Milk house utility heaters like some Patton heaters were designed over fifty years ago for dairy farmers working in New England through the cold winters. They were compact, powerful and rugged and that's exactly what Patton heaters provide today. As the portable electric heater market is getting saturated with feature packed, plastic, "design in mind" style heaters, those working on construction sites, workshops, garages, barns or farms are left wondering where to find a utility space heater that can work as hard as they do.

What are electric utility heaters?

Patton heaters are manufactured by Holmes products and are designed to be "utility heaters." There are a number of features that make Patton utility heaters more rugged than many other types of ceramic, or radiant heaters. The two most popular Patton heaters, the PUH680-U Milk House and the Patton Jr. Utility heater are both constructed with steel cages. The steel cage not only provides protection from the dangers of a workshop or garage, but also keep all of the hot parts inside away from debris such as wood or other materials. In addition to their steel construction, they have easy grip rubber handles. Unlike most modern heaters which attempt to hide the carrying handle for aesthetics, Patton recognizes you will be moving around and need to be able to grab the heater safely and easily.

Patton portable electric utility heater safety features:

Just because Patton heaters are rugged, doesn't mean they aren't safe. All Patton heaters come standard with several safety features. The primary feature is the auto shut-off function if the unit overheats. If for some reason the device overheats, or if the surrounding area overheats (fire) Patton heater's will automatically shut off. The second most useful safety feature is the auto shut-off feature if the unit tips over. Should the heater accidentally be knocked or tipped over without your knowledge, the unit will automatically kill the power and begin cooling down.

The best electric utility heater:

By far the most popular and most cost effective electric utility heater is the Patton PUH680-U Milk-House utility heater. It has two wattage settings of 1000 watts and 1500 watts to help you save money by choosing the proper amount of heat for your space. It features an ultra quiet fan as well as an automatic thermostat. If you are looking for a utility space heater for your garage, shop, basement, or workroom, the Patton Milkhouse heater is a great choice. It is also very popular for camping or people who work outside. Because of its forced air system, the simple design is effective in any open space for temporary heating.