wakizashi sword

Paul Chen wakizashi swords are some of the highest quality Japanese swords you'll find on the market. Hanwei swords are known to be expensive, but they're high quality combat swords. Wakizashi swords are nearly identical to katana swords, except the blade dimensions are smaller in length. Wakizashi swords are one-handed weapons, where the katana sword is a two-handed weapon. Both swords are made with high quality steel, and are sharp and strong enough to cut through the thickest of materials without much force. Paul Chen swords are manufactured by the company known as Hanwei.

Paul Chen swords are distributed in the United States and can be bought online from numerous online stores. Paul Chen wakizashi swords can make for a nice collectors item, or can be used for martial arts sword training. Wakizashi swords were used in Ancient times as a ritual suicide sword, or a backup weapon during combat. Some Japanese combat fighters were known to use wakizashi swords simultaneously with another weapon during combat. Wakisashi swords have been used as for back as the 16th century. The wakisashi sword and katana together are known as the daisho. A lot of samurai sword sets will tend to feature the katana and the wakisashi sword.

Paul Chen wakizashi sword features

An average wakizashi sword is usually about 20 inches in diameter. A lot of the Paul Chen wakizashi sword blades are usually a bit shorter than 20 inches. The handle is usually about 6-7 inches long, and is a one-handed sword. Most Paul Chen sword blades are made with folded K120C steel. The tsuka is made from ray skin, featuring a cotton wrap. The Paul Chen sword are tanto pointed blades. There are different Paul Chen wakizashi swords on the market, that might come in different dimensions that include different features.

Where to buy Paul Chen wakizashi swords online

Bushido Wakizashi - The Bushido wakizashi is a hand forged and folded K120C steel blade, featuring a medium length Kissaki. Features a white ray skin, wrapped with a brown cotton wrap. Comes with a wooden sheath with a old gold lacquer finish inlaid with brass sakura flowers. Features a blackened bronze finish on the fuchi and kashira. Also features a polished horn on the kojira, koiguchi, and kurigata. The blade diminesions are 19 1/2 inches long, with a handle of 6 inches in length. You can buy Bushido wakizashi swords online at ManVentureOutpost.com, Plum Run Sporting Goods, Harley-davidson-knives.com, and SmartWareEtc.com for under $450.

Shinto Wakizashi - The Shinto Wakizashi features a hand forged T10 high carbon steel blade with Bo-Hi. Features a black wooded sheath, and a tsuka ray skin handle with a black cotton sageo. The blade dimensions are slightly longer than the other two wakizashi swords. Blade dimensions in length are 20 inches, with a handle of 6 1/2 inches long. It's a matching sword that goes well with the shinto katana sword. You can purchase shinto wakizashi swords online at ManVentureOutpost.com, swords of might, LG Outdoors, Plum Run Sporting Goods, SmartWareEtc.com, Trophys, and TheHousewaresStore.com. Prices will keep you below $350.

Paul Chen Orchid Wakizashi - The Paul Chen Orchid tanto blade sword features hand forged and folded K120C steel blades, with the blade length of 18 3/4 inches. The handle is 6 1/2 inches in long. The orchid wakiszashi is a sharpen folded steel blade. The tsuka is made with ray skin. The orchid wakiszashi comes with a wooded blue sheath. The fuchi, kashira, and kojiri are bronze iron with silver and gold detailing. These are some of the more expensive Paul Chen wakizashi swords. You can buy these wakizashi swords online at ebay, Forge of the Gods, Amazon, Harley-davidson-knives.com, and Swords of Might that will keep you just below $600.