Paul Mitchell has made his name internationally as a stylist, innovator and entrepreneur. His schools are top notch in the cosmetology training programs. Aspiring students, of any age or gender can succeed through the education of a Paul Mitchell School. There are many locations located nation-wide, perhaps even one nearby. Paul Mitchell Schools is one of the more famous beauty schools in the country, due to Paul Mitchell himself as well as the good education that these schools can offer. If you are considering getting an education in cosmetology, take a look into the Paul Mitchell Schools.

Located in 37 states, the Paul Mitchell Schools can provide an education that teaches all about hair, skin, makeup and of course the technical and safety aspects of each. After completing the course, one will be eligible to take the State Board examination, whereupon passing the student will have become a licensed cosmetologist and ready for employment.

Many people decide to leap into a cosmetology career after high-school others go into a different field, only to return later after realizing that their passion lies in the expression of beauty, helping people look and feel their best, and the artistry of being a stylist or makeup artist. There are many venues people can take after getting a cosmetology degree. One could of course, work in a salon, but also could be better equip at opening their own salon business, becoming a sales rep for a hair care company, or even pursuing beauty writing with their new gained knowledge.

Beauty schools can often be expensive. In reality, it is an investment. The cost of attending Paul Mitchell schools will cover the textbooks so you can be assured there will be no additional fee for that. Housing is not provided like at a university. Students must find their own place to live, or hopefully already live conveniently in a Paul Mitchell School location. To find housing, ads pages such as Craigslist are very helpful to any newcomer.

One of the great perks one can expect at a Paul Mitchell School, which is unlike most other beauty schools is that guest stylists come in to give lectures and sometimes demonstrations to the students. This is absolutely a great way to learn and definitely more interesting than reading through a book. Paul Mitchell Schools are known to have a high graduation rate and students will get feedback on what they learn through a series of tests throughout the education.

If you are interested in hair or the other facets of cosmetology and want to pursue it as a career (or a new change in careers) explore all the possibilities open to you. Paul Mitchell Schools may be an answer for you.