My Third Month = Awesome Growth!

I did something this month that I hadn't quite planned on yet: I bought a group of articles from a fellow IB'er who was getting out of the game.  I was open to the idea, but as a 'later' idea, as in long after my own articles were making their own money.  I wanted to bootstrap this thing as much as possible.  But the deal was a great one, and I had the cash (and my wife's loving support).

When opportunity knocks, you have to be ready to answer and invite him in.  I attribute my family's journey to becoming debt-free and working on a monthly budget to allowing me the ability to take advantage of this opportunity.

Now for the numbers:

I'll keep it short and sweet.  

I didn't really do much writing, not as much as I had planned in last month's report, at least.  I said I wanted to reach 100 articles by the end of 2012, which I have (thanks to the aforementioned purchase), so I guess that counts.

I wrote 9 new articles for IB, and a handful on Bubblews.  I'm struggling to see the value in that site long-term.  Not just its viability, but its actual value.  Like what does it do for its visitors to improve their lives?  To me it's just a different way of doing 'news' which is fine, but it isn't actually improving anything.  Nothing new on Squidoo, and no sales there yet on my 8 lenses.  Tricky, that Squidoo.


  • AdSense was tops: $13.76, most in the last week ($3.11 last month)
  • Bubblews: $1.97 ($4.95)
  • Amazon: my first sale! $1.33 (wish I could track this)
  • Chitika: a major increase to $0.18 (0.02 last month)

Total Income:  $17.24, up from last month's $8.08, a 113% increase!


  • Those articles cost $300.  I don't mind disclosing this amount, I know there were several others interested in them.  Not sure how I ended up with them ahead of the other bidders, but I am VERY excited about their potential!


  • -$282.76.  I hope the past few days' earnings continue.  I've seen an average of $3 per day for the last week consistently.  Most of that is coming from my own content, in fact, so that is greatly encouraging.  It's hard to say exactly why those articles are performing so well all of a sudden, but I'll take it.  I've already earned more in the first two days of December than all of October!  And then duplicate whatever I can to make more money in passive income than I ever thought possible.  I really enjoy this game.

I know my online earnings aren't amounting to much, especially when compared to the amount of time I have invested into the work.  But by writing out my monthly earnings reports about passive income and earning online through affiliate programs and advertising, I hope to influence others and help them persist in their journey.  I've already gone from a measly ten cents in my first month to almost twenty dollars of passive income two months later.  There's something powerful and compelling for me within those results.

Goals for December 2012 Passive Income

I now have a nice base of 146 articles from which to earn monthly passive income.  One of my main goals for December is to earn back the money invested in the 'outsourced' articles mentioned above.  I plan on writing 15 more during the month, to get me over the 160 mark.

Squidoo will likely just sit there, especially with the new Amazon widget for IB.  That should make us all some really great money going forward.  I've put lots of time into those 8 lenses, and they have yet to produce and fruit.  Maybe that fertile soil needs some water and fertilizer.

My main strategy for December is to monetize the articles I bought, and quick!  Christmas will come and go very quickly, and I want to have these articles performing for me.  The main thing is to add affiliate links.  After that, I'll be editing them for clarity and engagement.  Then, it's on to the backlinking.  StumbleUpon, Reddit, and more.  I'll also submit them to the search engines to be re-indexed.  Hopefully this will refresh them in the SERPs.  The main goal is to provide interesting and relevant content that others find valuable and want to share, and that alone will account for the success we are all looking for.

On that note, Zig Ziglar (a great mentor and American icon) died last week.  He left behind a tremendous legacy of believing in others and helping them reach the top.  My favorite quote of his is this:

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want."  -- Zig Ziglar, 1926-2012

Best of luck to you this December, and Merry Christmas!