My first full month writing saw some large percentage increases

(but not much in dollars!)

October's done.  It was a fun month, and I learned a lot.  Mostly from other IB authors, but also from plain-old experience.  

The last month saw a more than 300% increase in online earnings, which isn't saying much, because last month's report showed earnings that were only worth ten cents to me.  But, I'll take it.  I'm hoping to create at least one dollar per month in passive income from each article (on average) by the end of the year.  That's my secondary goal.  

My first step in making that happen is to create my 100th article on IB.  I wrote 17 during the month of October, putting my total on IB at 21 articles.  To reach my goal of 100 articles I'll be writing about 3 articles every 2 days from here through December 31 to meet that content and passive income goal.

Another goal that I'm developing is to create 20 articles around a niche topic.  I'm leaning towards understanding how Google's suite of webmaster tools (AdWords, AdSense, Analytics, and more) can be put to use for website managers.  I wrote one article yesterday about measuring traffic to your website and posted it here. As I was writing it, I wrote down 8 related article titles that can add to that niche topic.  I may end up taking these articles off IB once they're proven to generate income, and create a niche website around it all by itself.  We'll see.  :)

Squidoo continues to be a bust in terms of earning online, but also in terms of site traffic and clicks on ads.  No earnings here.  Boo.  I realize this site is complicated (more than IB at least) and requires more dedication and product reviews than I have put in to it, but still, boo.

Chitika is another boring story.  This month, though, I earned two cents.  Better than nothing!

Amazon hasn't produced any sales for me yet, though I keep posting affiliate links to related products (links to searches on Amazon, specifically, when it's reasonable to do so).  Maybe with Christmas and the holidays coming around this will right itself.  It's still early in the game, and I've got a lot of fight in me yet!

AdSense provided $3.11 for me, up from last month's $0.10.  Totally stoked about this progress.  Looking forward to more and more as I learn new strategies about directing traffic to IB through social media, backlinking, and more.  

Bubblews looks like it will be a good earner, as long as I create tons of content and ride this wave as long as it's rolling.  Not counting the $5 they start you off with, I earned $4.95 during October, mostly by writing snippets and backlinks to my IB articles.  For those of you who haven't checked it out, do it now, while you still can.  Here's an article to get you started (no affiliate links).

Total Earnings:  $8.08

I've picked up a copy of the InfoBarrel Success ebook by JCMayer and x3xsoldierx3x.  Much of the content is still revelant, but certainly not all.  An update to this book would be a welcome addition to any library about earning passive income  through writing online.  

Again, many thanks to my fellow IB'ers, Bubblews'ers, and Squidoo'ers.  There's a great community here that's very supportive of newbies like myself.  If you want to get started writing for InfoBarrel, click here, registration is free!

Thanks for reading!