Are you an animal lover? For people who love their pooches and pussycats so much, the first choice when they go out to get a tattoo is any of those paw print tattoo designs that are so popular. There is a reason why paw prints are a favorite. Paw prints are subtle by nature. They can be distinctive without being so loud and garish, so you can wear them with any type of clothing or to any occasion.

Aside from this, paw print tattoo designs are also flexible. You can choose to make them highly noticeable by having many paw prints all over your area of choice. Or you can also choose to make the tattoo a little more subdued by picking a strategic spot and getting a designed that blends well with the placement and contour of the tattoo spot.

Flexibility also entails having a lot of choices as to where to have the design tattooed. This is highly true with paw prints. You can have them on the chest, on the arm, on the leg, on the small of the back, or even wrapping the neck. You also have a lot of elbow room for the placement of your paw prints. You can have them straight or diagonal, or even in a curving series.

The only thing that you will have to give up if you decide on paw print for your tattoo design is color. Tattoos come alive if they are done in color. As such, if you want a colorful tattoo, paw prints are really not for you. However, if you want a simple but striking tattoo design, and don't mind if you get something that is not in color, paw prints are the perfect design for you.

Despite the simplicity of paw print tattoo designs, the great thing about them is that they can come replete with a lot of meanings. For animal advocates, displaying paw prints on the body could serve as a statement for the animals. Paw prints, especially those that are subtly designed, can also mean that the person wearing them is silent but deadly.