There are a number of reputable pawn shops in Las Vegas.  However, if you are looking for the best pawn shops Vegas has to offer, you have come to the right place.  The list of Vegas pawn shops below is in no specific order.  Some of these I have been to, some I have not.  I will provide you with a quality and comprehensive list of shops in Sin City, just don’t go and sell all of your jewelry for another chance at the blackjack tables!  Las Vegas pawn shop owners are good at what they do.  I am sure you have seen the show Pawn Stars.  These guys and gals really know what they’re doing, so don’t expect to beat them at their own game.  Pawn Shops in Las Vegas are some of the best in the world.  So expect to deal with the best hagglers in the world.


Las Vegas Pawn Shop #1

Gold and Silver Pawn Shop Las Vegas

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop Las Vegas is one of the best Pawn Shops Las Vegas has to offer.  Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, as most of you know is featured on the History Channel’s Pawn Stars.  The Harrison family owns Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and does a very reputable business.  They know their merchandise, have a good hold on their inventory and are happy to help you buy or sell anything in the store.  If you are looking for Gold and Silver pawn shop Las Vegas inventory you will have to call the shop.  We can say without a doubt that as far as pawn shops in Vegas go, Gold and Silver Pawn Shop Las Vegas is one of the best around.  And hey, you might even end up on TV!


Las Vegas Pawn Shop #2

EZ Pawn Las Vegas

EZ Pawn is more of a retail shop in Nevada.  EZ Pawn Las Vegas is one of a chain of nearly 300 pawn shops across 11 states.  The nice part about this is the fact that you can trust EZ Pawn Las Vegas with your pawn shop needs.  They offer solutions for short-term cash needs and signature loans in most states.  Where would I put EZ Pawn on a list of the best pawn shops in Las Vegas, well, they would land in the top 5 Las Vegas pawn shops for sure.  Their stores are reminiscent of any other chain, save for the fact that they are a pawn shop, which most other chains are not.  If you are looking for a good pawn shop in Vegas, you have found it.  EZ Pawnn Las Vegas is your shop.


Las Vegas Pawn Shop #3

Bargain Pawn Las Vegas

 Bargain Pawn Las Vegas, just like our previous two notables is one of the best pawn shops in Las Vegas.  They are located in North Las Vegas, just a tad north of the Las Vegas strip.  As far as pawn shops in Vegas go, this one is top notch.  They buy gold and silver and specialize in the purchase and sale of firearms.  Is this the best consignment shop in Las Vegas, well, we wouldn’t go that far.  I still like Gold and Silver Pawn Shop Las Vegas better, and feel most comfortable in EZ Pawn Vegas, but you won’t go wrong working with the Bargain Pown Las Vegas crew.  They are straight up and will answer your questions truthfully.  Give them a shot if you’re in town.


Las Vegas Pawn Shop #4

Super Pawn Las Vegas

Established in 1967, Super Pawn is another chain type shop that operates in a slew of locations.  Like the EZP Vegas, Super Pawn Las Vegas is a reputable shop that specializes in buying, selling and financial services to boot.  This is one of the cleanest and safest shops the strip, so don’t hesitate to use Super Pawn for any of your  consignment needs.  Where would I put this on my list of best shops in sin city, probably in the top 10.  It is certainly a nice shop, but I prefer smaller shops with less of a retail feel.  I find that you can get more for your goods at less commercialized Las Vegas pawn shops.


Las Vegas Pawn Shop #5

Max Pawn Las Vegas

Max Pawn in Las Vegas is considered the working man’s pawn shop.  Max Pawn is a Vegas shop that says it caters to “the working family who is not cared for by the big banks.”  If this is a Las Vegas Pawn Shop for the people, then hey, I’m happy to write a quick review on them.  They seem like upstanding folks.  As far as Las Vegas shops go, they are similar to many of the other mom and pop types on this list.  They aren’t commercialized like EZ  Vegas or Super Pawn Las Vegas, but they provide quality service and good returns on product purchases.  Is Max Pawn Las Vegas the best pawn shop Las Vegass has to offer?  Probably not.  Is it a nice shop in Las Vegas, certainly. 

So what have we learned?  There are a whole lot of shops around  the Strip in Sin City.  Don't be fooled by the glam and the glitz of some of the more popular ones near the strip.  You may need to go north or south of the city to find the best and most reputable places to trade your goods.  This is worth the time however, because a good shop will provide you with the best prices for your items and will always make good on their promises to the customer.  If you have a chance to visit one of these, please tell us about your experiences below.  It is important to receive feedback so that we can consistently provide the best quality information to our readers.  We hope you found this list helpful and are excited to hear your thoughts.

Enjoy your time in town, hope you're up when you leave!