The Pawn Stars in Las Vegas Nevada have their own great television show you can watch on the History Channel. The episodes focus on the dealings at the shop with Rick, Richard aka the Old Man, Big Hoss aka Corey, and Chumlee aka Austin. The shop is actually called "The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop" and buys and sells items to resell for profits, similar to virtually any other shop in the area. The Pawn Stars in Las Vegas, Nevada, however, have their own television show. It's quite interesting to follow and you can watch the episodes online. Season 1 is in the books and season 2 is underway. Let's look more closely at the Pawn Stars in Las Vegas Nevada.

The Show:

Pawn Stars in Las Vegas Nevada airs on the History Channel. Each episode is thirty minutes long. Generally speaking, about 5 items brought into the shop are detailed during each show. Those that watch the Pawn Stars TV show online will learn a lot about spotting knock off items from the shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can get on the TV show by contacting the producers.

Essentially, the show focuses on the inner workings of the Pawn Stars shop in Las Vegas Nevada, but really gives insight into the dealings you could expect at other shops. It's a pretty unique concept that is actually quite entertaining. In fact, it's become my favorite show.

The Shop:

The Stars shop is called the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop located in Nevada at 713 Las Vegas Blvd South. If you have items to buy or sell and will be in the area, it may be worth the trip to deal with them. Not only will you learn a great deal about the items you are selling, but you may also find yourself on a TV episode.

The crew seems to buy virtually anything they can make some money on. Many of the Pawn Stars TV show episodes from Las Vegas Nevada show off the historical items carried at the shop. It's quite apparent there are many unique and incredibly rare items in the store for sale.


A sentimental favorite by many that watch Pawn Stars of Las Vegas Nevada is Austin, known affectionately as Chumlee. He is probably my favorite character on the show. He's a bit of a clumsy guy, but seems to be well liked by his peers. It has been stated several times on various episodes that he has been Corey's friend for several years.

In the episode I watched last night, Rick bought a ball and chain and told Chumlee to get it out on the floor for sale. Chum took it out to set it on the glass counter and being the clumsy guy he is, broke the glass on the counter with the heavy ball and chain. It's just one of the many examples of Chum's luck on Pawn Stars in Las Vegas Nevada. You can watch this episode or any other TV episode online.

Big Hoss:

Corey is the son of Rick and grandson of Richard, the owners of the show. It's been stated in several shows that Corey cannot buy items over $10,000 without approval from the Old Man or his father. Of course, big Hoss likes to disregard that rule from time to time on Pawn Stars based in Las Vegas Nevada.

In perhaps my favorite episode, Corey decides to purchase a hot air balloon for resale at the Pawn Stars shop in Las Vegas Nevada. Final purchasing price $38,000. This sent his father through the roof since he did not get his approval for the large purchase. Corey stated on the show that he is simply trying to grow business and felt he could make about $12,000 for the shop. Pawn Stars in Las Vegas Nevada is full of drama.

The Old Man:

Richard, generally only called Old Man on the Pawn Stars show from Las Vegas Nevada, is a really gruff man. He spends most of the episodes complaining about one thing or another, but generally focuses on money or the lack of knowledge with the other members of the cast. The Old Man is the father of Rick and grandfather of Corey.

While this may not make him sound like a nice man by any means, he is actually quite entertaining to watch on the Pawn Stars show from Las Vegas Nevada. He is probably the most knowledgeable member of the show, having owned the business for several decades. He likes to make that point clear to the others. He is not without a kind side, however, which he shows very sparingly. Still, he's fun to watch.


He's the co-owner of the Pawn Stars shop in Las Vegas Nevada, and father to Corey. Rick laughs a lot on the show, which is sort of a refreshing change. He has been in the business for decades and has incredible historical knowledge, which he displays when works out deals with people attempting to sell their unwanted items.

Rick is the one that does most of the negotiating, at least on the show, and generally provides a really great background on many of the items. Anyone interested in antiques can learn something from Rick, since he can apply much of his knowledge for spotting fakes to many transactions.


Peaches only makes a few rare appearances on the Pawn Stars from Las Vegas Nevada. In the first season, it was stated that Chum was quite fond of her. When she continually came to work late, she was placed on the graveyard shift to work with Chumlee.

In another episode of Pawn Stars from Las Vegas, Nevada, Peaches was asked to go through a collection of magazines to look for rare ones. The magazines were adult oriented, which made Peaches less than thrilled to go though them all.

Pawn Stars based in Las Vegas, Nevada has quickly become my favorite television show. It's unique and well produced and the characters all have appeal. You can pick up some great knowledge from the show which can be applied when searching for antiques. Watch a show or two from Pawn Stars in Las Vegas, Nevada, and you will most likely agree.