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Pay as you go at&t is a plan that is specifically made for individuals who want convenience and total control. It has 3 simple ways that a person can use to add minutes to their accounts so that a person does not have to worry about running out of cell phones minutes.


Pay as you goCredit:

One of the facts that makes pay as you go at&t convenient is the fact that there is no credit check or annual contract. Methods that are used to top up the accounts include prepaid cards, on the phone directly and online. This way, a person can choose the one they are most comfortable with. There is usually no long distance or roaming charges across the national service areas. Pay as you go at&t also has a roll over balance that allows a person to carry forward the minutes they did not use from month to month.

Unlimited Calling Plans


You can also take advantage of pay as you go at&t unlimited talk to other members who are on the plan. There are over 85 million members on the select path. There are no complications that are involved on how the plan works as all a person has to do is follow the below steps and they are good to go.

1.       Choosing a rate plan- there are different plans that are set forth allowing a person to choose the ones that suits them best. Go through all the plans carefully to make sure there are no regrets later on.

2.       Buy minutes- The next step is to purchase the minutes that will be used with the pay as you go at&t plan. It is usually advisable to purchase a few more minutes that you actually need as they will not go to waste if they are not used as they will carried over to the next month at no extra cost.


3.       Make calls/ use the phone- As you send text messages, make calls, download ring tones and make use of other services by the cell phone providers, the charges for pay as you go at&t are normally deducted from the balance that you have on the account.

4.       Add minutes- If you need more minutes to use on the phone all you have to do is add them to the account simply by using one of the methods that is allowed by pay as you go at&t plan.

Controlled SpendingCredit:

 One of the benefits that people usually get from this plan includes controlled spending. Pay as you go at&t allows a person to control their spending as they can only use the amount of money that has been bought. For instance, if you purchase $30 credit that is the only amount that can be used.


 Pay as you go at&t is slowly becoming the most popular plan since it was introduced in the market. Since there are no long term commitments, this means that you will not have to be tied down by contracts that can end up harming you as individuals only pay for the calls made. Pay as you go at&t is very easy to use as it is a self service solution.