I am new to this. I had never heard of google's pay per click program before the day that I was browsing Demand Studio's forum and I came across a post about Info Barrel.

I first learned about internet writing two year's ago when I was researching how to make money online. I read an article that mentioned Demand Studios. I investigated the website that evening and began writing or them. I wrote and wrote. The editors greatly improved my writing. I wrote for them voraciously and the articles were easy pickens. I was instantly addicted and began thinking in terms of $15 articles.

After a year of writing, their titles became more difficult. I knew nothing about automoblies or changing a transmission. There were times when I would scroll through a thousand titles and not find one that I thought I could write. Undaunted and grateful that their editors had honed my skills, I began looking for more places to write. Then it happened, I ran across the forum post that mentioned Info Barrel.

Once again, I investigated the web site that evening and signed up immediately because I was intriqued with the concept of being able to write about anything I wanted.

I quickly realized that making money on Info Barrel was not quite as simple as that. There were many terms that were thrown around such as SEO, Keyword Research, Pay Per Click marketing and Google adsense. I began staying up late and reading everything I could about SEO and Keyword Research. This was a complete change in mindset from the scientific writing I had done in grad school or the flowerly language I had learned as a columnist for the local newspaper. I have always enjoyed a good challenge so I decided that I was going to learn. It sounded like a great challenge. The way I understood it was that I needed to convince readers to click on the ads in order to get paid.

I asked a few questions in the forum and to my surprise, there were many of the most experienced writers who were willing to help.

Some of the advice I was given was that I needed to go to Google Keywords and write articles to the keywords. I did this and got clicks right away. I didn't make much, just $.50 in a day, but it still made me excited. I was so excited that I went to the forum and made a post about it and once again, many of the other writers were right there to congratulate me.

I have only been writing for Info Barrel for a little less than a month. It has been a blast because I have made friends, improved my writing, written some good articles, and made a little money.

I only have 30 articles written so far, but I am confident that once I have a couple hundred articles I will begin to make some money.

If you would like to make money by writing articles online, you can sign up for free at www.infobarrel.com.

I will write another article like this in a couple of weeks as I become more experienced in the art of SEO writing.