PayPal logoPayPal is the most widely used method of payment on eBay because it provides an easier and more secure way for sellers and buyers to make transactions. Aside from eBay, many shopping websites also consider PayPal as their standard way of payment. Signing up for a PayPal account is as easy as opening up an email account. You just need to visit PayPal's website and fill out a registration form. You may opt to add a credit card or bank account to become verified. You can be assured that PayPal does not share any private information when you make a purchase on eBay or on any other shopping sites.

Getting to know PayPal

PayPal is owned by eBay so it makes sense that it is the most commonly used payment method on the site. Having a PayPal account means you can securely send and withdraw money online. PayPal allows you to deposit money into your account by using an existing bank account or credit card. You can withdraw money from your bank account through your PayPal account by linking your bank account information.

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The most recommended type of a PayPal account for eBay buyers is a personal account. Should you decide to become an eBay seller, you can always upgrade your personal PayPal account in the future. When you sign up for an account, you need to enter your personal information such as your address, contact number, email, password, and answers to two secret questions. A confirmation email will then be sent to your email address so you can start using your PayPal account.

Linking PayPal account and eBay account

eBay and PayPalTo make eBay shopping more convenient for PayPal holders, they can now link their eBay and PayPal accounts. With this feature, sellers and buyers can use PayPal's website to pay for items on eBay and to track the process of shipping won items. Linking the two accounts will make any transaction swifter and more manageable.

To start integrating the two accounts, open your eBay account and then click on My eBay at the upper section of the screen. Next, click on the My Account tab and select the Addresses link. You will then be redirected to a page which displays all the addresses you have indicated for payment, shipping, and registration. Then click on the View All Shipping Addresses and add your PayPal account. You will be instructed to log in to PayPal and when you do, the two accounts will be successfully linked.

Paying for eBay purchases

First, it is important to validate your shipping address with PayPal. Most sellers will require this before shipping the item so that they can utilize the Seller Protection policy of PayPal. After winning an item and you are ready to pay for it, hit the Pay Now button to request for a total of the amount you are about to pay. Tick on PayPal to confirm that you are choosing this as your payment method. The moment you choose PayPal, the transaction will be transferred to PayPal's website. You need to log in with your email address and password to access your PayPal account. To complete the transaction, click on the Pay button. An electronic receipt will then be sent to your email address.

You can also keep tabs of your previous purchases by viewing them in your eBay account's payment history. Selecting the Action button will prompt a drop down menu that will display several links. Choose the View Payment Details to track the status of the payment for the item. Then select View PayPal Payment to access all the payments that have been made using PayPal. When prompted, log in to your PayPal account then select the History button. Track your payment by sorting through the activities or you can use the search filter. Clicking on the Details button will reveal the details and history of a specific transaction. Here, you can see the time you have paid, the indicated shipping address, and the messages that were sent during the payment process.

Using PayPal for multiple purchases

Purchasing multiple items from eBay and paying for them in one single payment is possible through PayPal. But first, your seller must use the eBay's checkout system so you can use your PayPal account to pay for several items in one payment. PayPal also allows a buyer to combine all the payments he has to make to several sellers. To execute this more effectively, the sellers must be using the same checkout system and they must agree to receive this kind of payment. It is also only possible if all sellers accept the same currency.

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It is important to note that you can pay for multiple items in one payment using PayPal if all the items have indicated PayPal as one of the payment methods in their listings. All your purchase must not be over 30 days old from the moment you have won them so that you can combine your payments. You also need to make sure that all items must be delivered to a single address otherwise combined payments will be rejected by the system.

The convenience of using PayPal

A lot of eBay buyers and even sellers choose PayPal as a method of payment because it is more secure and the risks involved are minimal. You can always keep tabs of your payment status either by logging in to your PayPal or eBay account. Using PayPal is faster, easier, and more convenient than any other types of payment available. Buyers can deposit the payment directly from the listing page and their payments will go directly to the accounts of sellers. Both buyers and sellers can save a lot of time and hassles this way.

PayPal Buyer Protection

By withdrawing money from your bank through PayPal, you don't have to use your credit card to pay for your online purchases. However, using your credit card through PayPal is still deemed safe as PayPal guarantees their users that no information will be divulge during any transaction. In fact, using your credit card through PayPal is the safer way since sellers do not have access to your credit card number. PayPal's security system keeps transactions secure by encrypting your credit card information to avoid identity theft. Through the PayPal Buyer Protection, the full price of the product you have purchased including the shipping fees are covered by it.